Different Types of Mens Swimsuits

Mens swimsuits used to pale in comparison to women’s swimsuits. Women always had plenty of more variety and versatility to choose from while men had to stay with basically a plain style.

In recent years the swimsuits for men have evolved quite significantly to the point where they also have many alternatives. Swimsuits have become an essential part of almost any vacation, which means you must put careful consideration when picking them.

There are many different styles available but you have to pay attention to the shape of your body in order to choose the one that suits you better.

1- The first style is the always classical board shorts. 

These are normally the preferred ones among all men’s swimsuits. They are the prime choice for all the water sports lovers (mostly surfers) and for those that just want to relax at the beach. Board shorts most of the times reach the knees which make them a very conservative type among all swimsuits. The great majority of them are made of nylon or polyester with a swim net mesh liner that provides a lot of comfort. They used to be made of cotton, however, once wet they become quite heavy. The shorts also come with many designs and different colors.

If you want to look modest and modern at the same time then the board shorts are an ideal swimwear for Punta Cana.

2- Another popular men swimsuit is the trunks. 

They are similar to the board shorts but are looser, shorter and adjust to the middle of the thigh. The materials for the trunks are the same than those used for the board shorts (nylon and polyester). Trunks can come in a wide variety of color and designs as well like: stripes, dots or any other tropical element that crosses the designer’s mind. 

The drawback is that they cover less than the board shorts.

3- The bodysuit is a one piece swimsuit used for swimming competitions

It covers the whole body from the neck to the ankles and it decreases the drag over the body. The swimsuit is made of a very thin and strong material which makes it the ideal alternative for swimming, on the other hand, it is not very stylish and very few people would actually use it at the beach.

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