Marriage Requirements in Punta Cana

Documents needed for a ceremony in the Dominican Republic

Everyone wants their wedding to go well as planned. There are details, like the marriage requirements for example, that need to be taken care of. Completing the requisites for the destination wedding can be time consuming.

And of course, they should be arranged with enough time to avoid any conflict in the wedding day.

If you are considering getting married in Punta Cana or any part of the Dominican Republic, the following are various of the marriage requirements:

The bride and groom to be will need to have an original birth certificate. From that, copies of birth certificates will have to be sent to the appropriate offices.

 It is required to get a notarized single status declaration for both members of the couple.

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 The upcoming newlyweds should have the passports and also provide photocopies of them.

 Additionally, if the soon to be bride or groom has been previously married, adopted, or is under age is needed to provide a copy of a divorce certificate, a certificate of adoption, or a parent authorization form, respectively.

 For getting married in Punta Cana there should be 2 witnesses over the age of 18; they should also have their passports or just identifications if residents. The witnesses can not be members of either family.

 For all of the documentation (except the passports) it is the future husband and wife's responsibility to have them translated into Spanish and checked for accuracy by the Dominican Consulate in the country where you currently live.  

 Having the marriage registration fees clearly explained to you by the wedding coordinator; these may vary according to the couple's residence status, any resort fee, etc. The basic fees generally begin at USD $425 if both individuals are foreigners and are not legal residents of the Dominican Republic.

 After the wedding, it is important to request the marriage certificate which can be obtained after just a few days, the document as well as the matrimony will be valid in any country.

 If the couple wants a Roman Catholic wedding, they should contact their local priest to clarify the doubts about the authorization and documents that will be needed aside from the baptism and confirmation certificates.

A nearby church for your ceremony in Punta Cana is the Basilica Nuestra Señora de La Altagracia, which is located in Higuey.

Make a list with all the doubts you have to discuss with your wedding coordinator.

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