Manati Park Pictures in Punta Cana

Here you can see some of the Manati Park pictures that I took when we visited this place. In this park you can see all kinds of exotic animals from the different areas of the Caribbean; some of them are parrots, lizards, peacocks, flamingos and turtles. There is a special area where you can even swim with dolphins, but a reservation is required. Personally, I think that the tank is way too small for these dolphins. It would be better to make it bigger so that the dolphins can move freely and I almost forgot to mention that there is also a sea lion show first. By the way, it was very entertaining.

Dolphins show at the Manati Park

In the picture you can appreciate 2 dolphins executing a jump out of the water while the trainer is watching them carefully. As you observe the show be aware that sitting in the front row is likely going to get you wet so be prepared!


Dolphin after hitting the balls at the Manati Park

Dolphin performing during the show

This is definitely one of the most interesting Manati Park pictures; you can see here one of the dolphins making a very difficult maneuver in mid air. That is going to make a big splash!


Parrots at the Manati Park


Some of these parrots are the stars of the "Parrot Show". These birds are really well trained. Some of them can talk while doing amazing things like running a tiny bicycle!


Pink flamingos near the lake

Pink Flamingos

You can see here several pink flamingos walking around a pond enjoying the abundant nature in the Manati park.


Peacock at Punta Cana

A Curious Peacock in the Manati Park Punta Cana

Look at this beautiful peacock showing its colorful feathers as it walks around the park. Some people are very tempted to take one home but the answer is no, you can’t.


Figurines for sale at the park

Local artisan's products for sale

The seller of these beautiful figurines explained that they are created without facial characteristics to represent the mix of cultures in the Dominican Republic.



Lizards at the Manati Park


The lizards in the picture above are the perfect example of how animals can adapt to their environment. Some of the western areas of the Dominican Republic are arid so these lizards are very well camouflaged to escape from predators. They can be a bit hard to see since their bodies are basically the same color as their surroundings but that’s exactly how they survive.


Feeding a bird

A friendly parrot among the birds

When you visit the Manati Park, there is a "special cage" where you can actually feed the birds and be with them inside the cage. You do not have to worry as the cage is very spacious and the birds are quite tame.

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» » Manati Park Pictures

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