Mamajuana the Famous Dominican Drink

Probably you heard about mamajuana drink, chances are that is one of the first things you are going to look for as soon as you arrive to Punta Cana. The Dominican Republic has many wonderful places to see and even more delicious food and drinks to taste. This beverage is indeed one of the most popular recipes in that area and there are many reasons of why is that way.

It is a very versatile drink which is prepared according to the main use that is going to be made for. It can also be used to treat some diseases like arthritis and supposedly has antitumor properties. Specifically this drink consist mainly of around 20 herbs and different roots from the Dominican Republic country.

One of the ways to prepare the mamajuana recipe is the following: 

Dry herbs in containers
First you need to buy the bottle, which comes with several dry herbs, or if you know where to get the herbs you can get them yourself. After you have the bottle with the dry herbs, the next step is adding the liquid element. Generally for the first part you use red wine and then a small amount of honey like ¼ of a cup.

You leave the mix alone for a week approximately to make sure the bitter taste of some of the herbs go away and to get it ready for the main part.

Once the week has passed, the following step in the mamajuana recipe is to empty the wine. Now, even when this is not the good part if you really want to, you can drink this. Getting some rum in the bottle is the next step, it can be either light rum or dark rum depending on your preference or half wine with half rum. Others use ¾ rum and ¼ wine according to their taste. You can also combine it with some vodka or a little gin or any alcoholic drink to give a little twist to the result. Depending on what you want the ingredients will end up inside the bottle.

Bottle of mamajuana
The time inside the bottle depends on how much you want the wood taste in the mix. The normal amount of time that you should leave the new mix alone is a couple of days. 

Remember that for any alcoholic beverage the longer you wait the better it will taste. Is better to be preparing 2, 3 or 4 mixes simultaneously in order to find out which blend taste better for you. 

It can be taken warm, with ice, after dinner or any other moment you desire it. 

Some people prefer it after a nice cup of coffee. The ideal part of this drink is that the possible combinations are only limited by your imagination. Get a move on and experiment to your heart content.

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