Luxury Caribbean Vacations

When you are thinking of one of the luxury Caribbean vacations to Punta Cana you should do some planning ahead of time.

There are many vacation packages, luxury hotel accommodations, as well as many other opportunities. With a little research, you can find the vacation that's right for you.

The first way to go would be to try some of the many combo packages available.

These include flights, hotel, and other features. Many of them start as low as under $600 dollars per person. The majority are based upon at least two people, and you might have a single person surcharge if you are traveling alone to the Dominican Republic. Find out with your agent when booking any of these deals to ensure that you know what other hidden fees you could incur. These can include extra taxes, charges for transportation to and from the airport, as well as any other services not covered in your original payment. Often people overlook these charges and end up spending more money than they thought.

Most of these resort hotels have a pool, full restaurant and lounge. There may be other kinds of facilities, work out area, as well as others. Many get pampered with facial spa treatments, others enjoy the access to golf courses. You will probably find other options available too, including: sightseeing tours, snorkeling, parasailing, as well as many others.  It would be a good idea to look various offers of the resorts, see what they have to offer beforehand. A few of the activities are at no cost while in others a fee has to be paid. Sometimes is better to consider paying for the excursions at the moment of booking so that you don't have to worry about it later.

Another idea is to rent a condo or vacation apartment in the Dominican Republic.

You may find that renting one of these could be cheaper in the long run. Not only are the prices comparable to staying in a hotel but there are other ways you will save money as well.

You will have your own kitchen and dining facilities, so you can eat what you want, when you want it. This alone will save you some money on dining alone.

The downside is that you will have to shop for food to prepare or go out to a restaurant.

Rice prepared with some tomato sauce, aji dulce and onion

It is noticeable that these rentals have many of the same amenities as more higher priced lodging.

Including house keeping services, pools and gyms, as well as access to any of the local attractions.

Whenever you are planning your luxury Caribbean vacations, make sure that you do price comparisons, check what each resort has to offer, etc. 

Verify that your personal information is updated, like your passport and any other travel documents.

Be certain that you read over any contracts and other paperwork so that you are sure about your package before you sign anything.

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