How to Get Your Kids Swimming

Watching your kids swimming is something that can make you very proud. Swimming is an essential skill and you will want your children to develop it.

In order to effectively teach a child how to swim you have to keep in mind several things. You have to be very careful not to make your kid be scared of the water. The child has to associate swimming with fun if you want them to learn it. Choosing the wrong approach might scar the child for life and could hinder him from being able to swim later.

If you want your kids swimming in a relatively short period of time, they must lose the fear of water.

Most kids and even many adults have a natural fear of water which can increase when they are trying to swim. The ideal place to familiarize your children with water is the bathtub. Take a couple of floating toys with you and encourage them to throw water over their heads. As soon they are comfortable in the bathtub you can take them to a pool for babies. Inside the pool you can throw some toys (use floating and non floating toys). Watch them as they try to take all of them.

- You can also teach your child to blow bubbles.

Once they see you doing it and how fun it looks they will try it as well. Pay attention to the way they are doing it and make sure they are blowing air from their lungs to make the bubbles and not just filling the cheeks. Always remember safety before all. Keep your eyes on the children at all times even in the bathtub, not for one second leave them out of your sight.

Once they do well in the small pool take them to a bigger pool, always keeping the necessary safety precautions. If they have problems getting their heads in the water you can teach them to pinch their nose at first to avoid the water from entering the nose. At the beginning they will also need to keep their eyes closed underwater, however, after some time is necessary for them to learn to open their eyes underwater.

You can accompany your child underwater and play underwater games with them to motivate them to hold their breath and open their eyes.

- Finally to get your kids swimming they need to learn the motion of the arms and legs.

First grab the child around the waist and help them move their arms in the appropriate way. Show them how you do it, then let them do it while you are providing support to them. Allow them to kick as much as they can. The next step is to make them swim to you. At the beginning be very close to them so they can get to you easily. Little by little increase the distance until they can get through longer areas.

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