Selecting an Infant Life Jacket

Is important to have an infant life jacket if you are traveling with children to Punta Cana to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the swimming pools or to enjoy the day in a catamaran. The jackets are life-saving appliances with the purpose of keeping a person floating in a vertical position. The objective is that the child or adult should have the face up so that the water can’t reach the head.

The life jackets are designed to fit a child’s body; there are simple light weight jackets and vests as well. An appropriate jacket is made of quality, very durable materials of synthetic fiber, usually foam, with chambers filled with air to keep the person floating in the water. Most of the jackets are available in very bright colors like red, green or orange; that makes them very visible in case of emergency rescues. It is important to know that the legal requirements of using the jackets on boats may vary from country to country.

There are two types of life jackets for infants; inflatables and made of foam.

The two types of life jackets should keep effectively the infant’s head out of the water. For example, the puddle jumpers are lifejackets that don't need to be inflated. Because of the way in which they are designed, they offer children freedom of movement, while keeping great stability in the water. It is systematically automatic, in such a way that if the child falls into the water, the vest will inflate once it makes contact with water. We recommend the automatic inflatable for children between 6 to 7 years old. The inflatable jacket is ideal for a child who is already familiar with aquatic activities. The light weight of the jacket makes the child feel comfortable so that he or she can practice their aquatic maneuvers. 

Like any other inflatable life jacket, it must be verified regularly. It is very simple, just follow the instructions that comes with the life jacket.

The traditional foam life jacket is the type of vest that is the most recommended for infants because it protects the child from accidents, essential if you are traveling in a catamaran.

How to choose an infant life jacket

When looking for a life jacket be sure that it is strong enough to keep an infant’s head out of the water. It should have striking colors and it must also be comfortable. And it is preferable that it has a whistle.

Enjoy your vacations by following these recommendations:

- Never leave children alone in the pool, beach or a jacuzzi, even for a moment. 

- Keep a lifesaver near the beach or pool in case that you need it. 

- Avoid using the inflatable floats. They are not as secure as lifejackets and are not as safe as many parents may think.

- Teach your children to swim or take them to swimming lessons.

- Is recommended that adults who supervise children have skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

- Never use a pool or jacuzzi if the coatings of the drainage are missing or broken.  

When planning your vacations with your children to Punta Cana, you will want to enjoy the beach and the spectacular swimming pools. So please remember to bring infant life jackets. That will provide greater security, peace of mind and will allow you to enjoy the vacations.

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