Playing with Hybrid Golf Clubs

The use of hybrid golf clubs is quite a recent trend among the fans of this interesting sport. The clubs used to play golf are an essential tool so you must be sure to pick the right ones before going to the course. The typical clubs used by professionals are made of wood and iron. The term hybrid, traditionally used in biology, refers to the combination of 2 or more species that are different to then create a third one with certain characteristics of the previous ones. 

The hybrid is a type of club that basically combines features of the older clubs. The hybrid golf clubs tend to be frequently used among the recreational golfers; of course, that doesn’t mean professionals dislike the advantages that they have.

Iron vs. Wood vs. Hybrid

Every golfer loves giving their all, even while playing on vacation. The golf courses located in the Punta Cana for example offer well designed greens where you can analyze all your strength and weaknesses. One of the main factors that can affect your game is the clubs you choose. There are 3 main types of clubs: irons, woods and hybrids.

Irons are known for their small heads and short shafts. The club head is traditionally flat, significantly large and made of steel. One of the main benefits of the irons is their easy to understand mechanics. Most players consider them ideal to start learning the game plus even at the professional level they are an alternative. Sadly the structure of the clubs is far from perfect. Long irons particularly tend to have low trajectories, which can be a bit of a problem.

Wood clubs on the other hand have long shafts with rounder club heads. Normally the heads of these clubs are made of wood but lately some are built of carbon alloys or titanium. These clubs are often used when you need to make long shots. They allow you to hit the ball through farther distances than the iron ones. Unfortunately they also have their drawbacks. The technique required to swing wood clubs is more complicated than with any other club making them not very novice friendly.

As previously mentioned hybrid golf clubs have many features from the other 2 types. Basically they are easy to use like the irons plus have the power of the woods. Hybrids of a certain number will share similar features of the iron or wood club. A way to understand it is a hybrid 5-iron will have basically the same loft as a 5-iron club. The same can be said about the wooden versions.

Hybrid Clubs Features

The club head of the hybrid is quite similar to the wood one. Both heads are very much alike in the materials used for their construction which can be titanium or steel. They both also posses the trampoline feature which allows the face of the club to be deformed a little bit before returning to its original shape as it hits the ball which increases the force of the shot. One detail that needs to be kept in mind is while the hybrid golf clubs follows more or less the same trajectory of the wood ones, it travels a little less before hitting the ground.

Hybrids with a similar head to the fairway wood are often used for long distance shots instead of the typical long irons due to their bigger “sweet spot”. They are also great substitutes for the wood ones although they do not possess the same club speed. The hybrid can do much more than simply hit the ball for long distance; it may get you out of difficult situations like the tight lies.

It is not uncommon to replace irons with their hybrid equivalents. The 3 and 4 irons are the first ones to be replaced in the vast majority of sets. There are also exceptions, as some people might prefer to keep the iron and its hybrid equivalent while taking out the fairway wood; doing this can be a good move while playing in tall grass.

While it can still be a bit hard to use hybrid golf clubs with a wood like face in tall grass instead of a fairway wood, it may have its advantages. In this case the characteristic trajectory and cut-through of the hybrid is preferred over the long iron due to its additional power provided by the “wood like club head” feature.

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