How much spending money would I need for two weeks in Punta Cana?

by Elljay

We are staying in an all inclusive resort but would like to do maybe two or three trips as well, not sure what kind but just something to get away from the resort for the day. I've never been on an all inclusive holiday before so I don't know how much to bring. Any help or information on Punta Cana would be brilliant.


Hi Elljay,

The amount money that you will spend depends on the specific things you want to buy during your trip; many tend to spend on jewelry stores at shopping centers or clothes at the boutique on the resort and for that they normally use a credit card because those tend to be expensive purchases. But if you plan on buying from local vendors at the beach or small stores and kiosks down the street then you can definitely pay with cash because they have lower and affordable prices on many items.

You should consider in your spending money if you plan to eat in a restaurant outside the resort or one that is located in the complex but that is not in the all inclusive package. Don't forget that if you are thinking about having room service, Internet access, sport lessons or laundry - you should check and verify if they are free or if they will be an additional spending.

Since you are planning on taking some kind of excursion you must know that not all the tours are in the same price range; one can cost about 30 USD, while the price of others can go up to almost 400 USD per person in just a single day. For example, a jeep safari tour is definitely not going have the same price as a helicopter tour.

Some factors that can influence the cost of excursions are: the time length that can be half, full day or more days – the trips that last more than a day usually include the stay in one or various regions of the Dominican Republic. Also the transportation from and back to the resort, meals and beverages, if any special equipment has to be used and others.


Here is an example of the spending in a single day: (in USD)

$2 to $3 in tips daily for the maid

$15 shopping

$10 for souvenirs

Based on this case you would spend like 404 USD (more or less), in two weeks adding $40 for 3 excursions during the whole vacation.

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