Homemade Mosquito Repellent

How to prevent mosquito bites

A homemade mosquito repellent is an excellent way to avoid those annoying pests. Mosquitoes can transmit a wide array of dangerous diseases, so avoiding their bites is very important. They also have a tendency to prefer tropical and hot climates so people living or traveling in such locations should take the necessary precautions. Their bites are also very itching and painful sometimes. The continuous scratching over the skin will irritate it even more and make you desperate. A spray repellent is indeed one of the best ways to protect oneself from the annoying bugs; keep in mind there are many types of these chemicals and some of them can be dangerous to you and your pets. Others like the homemade mosquito repellent can be quite helpful without unwanted effects.

Just like in the rest of the Caribbean you might experience some mosquito bites in Punta Cana, but no need to panic there are certain actions you can take to reduce the chances as you travel.

Since Punta Cana is located in the tropics you are probably going to see mosquitoes during the whole year; of course there are specific times when the chances of them appearing are higher. 

First as you may know mosquito activity is somehow related to the amount of rainfall recently experienced.

In other words the less rainy days you see the lower chance of seeing mosquitoes. 

February, for example is a great month to visit Punta Cana since the amount of rainfall is quite low which means fewer mosquitoes to bother you. On the other hand months like September, October and November can be a bit more troublesome because of the greater amount of water due to the rain activity and pesky insects around; high temperatures like the ones experienced during July and August are also factors contributing to increase in their presence. Thankfully, you can resolve that situation with some precautions.

Rain is not the only factor affecting the presence of mosquitoes. The time of the day and the wind speed also exerts a significant influence on them. The annoying insects tend to appear more often early in the mornings and during the evenings. So as soon as you wake up some homemade mosquito repellent might come in handy, plus remember to use again before dinner time. Mosquitoes have a harder time to bother when is very windy so when winds are stronger it could help you diminish that problem. May and October are not windy at all so at those times you might get more bites if you are not protecting yourself.

Organic homemade vs chemical repellents

An organic homemade or green mosquito repellent is made from natural ingredients. Organic products have the advantage of having very small to none side effects, which is important particularly when traveling. Many people use homemade or organic products to protect plants and flowers from different pests at home. The chemical pesticides can be effective in getting rid of pests like mosquitoes but their use can create significant side effects. Some of them can poison your pets as well if they consume them by accident.

Natural body lotion - Repellent

They can also make people sick if they are exposed to them for too long; which is something to think about especially when traveling with babies or elders to Punta Cana for more than a week. You can easily find some organic repellents at your local health food stores.

Many natural common ingredients can be used to prepare simple homemade mosquito repellents. Herbs, juices, oils and many more simple components can be used in their preparation.

The following ideas are effective and safe on your skin so you can take the repellent with you when traveling (added to a body lotion):

- Lavender Essential Oil

This is a good scent and excellent lotion to keep insects away from you. Mix lavender oil with some jojoba oil or body lotion and apply on the body.

- Basil Essence 

The smell of basil is of great effectiveness as a homemade mosquito repellent that works on other insects as well. Fill a jar with alcohol (you can use some brandy or vodka for example), then take some basil leaves and crush them gently and store them in the jar. For essence, let it sit for about 4 to 6 months sealed and strain. As soon as the essence is ready, just take a few drops, mix them with body lotion and apply on the body.

- Almond Essential Oil

This is a very easy to prepare homemade recipe, just take 100 ml of sweet almond oil and add 20 drops of basil essence and other 20 drops of geranium essence.

- Citronella Essential Oil

When applied on the body is a neat homemade insect deterrent because of its powerful aroma.

- Chamomile on the skin (or chamomile tea) is also a great remedy to repel mosquitoes.

You can get the ingredients to make a homemade mosquito repellent at the supermarket or health food store.

At home

Another alternative is to put several fresh basil plants near the windows of the house to keep the pests away.

Some people also use black and red pepper sprinkled all over their areas with plants to protect them.

So what attracts mosquitoes?

They are attracted to the skin of humans for many reasons. Some claim that they come to humans by the smell of the skin, sweat, clothes color, movement, etc. But doesn’t matter the reason, they are very bothersome and potentially dangerous.

How homemade repellents work

When repellents are used they prevent the mosquitoes from biting you and transmitting any kind of disease to you. Some people say their smell prevents the insects from biting but the reason could be something else.

Anyways, if you are using a homemade mosquito repellent in your skin to prevent the bites, I’m sure you will prefer it over a potentially toxic chemical compound when traveling to the Dominican Republic.

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