Hispanic Last Names

Hispanic last names are very usual in Punta Cana as it is part of the Dominican Republic which is a Spanish speaking country. The Dominican Republic was discovered by Spain in the year 1492 but it wasn’t until 1493 that it started being colonized.

Later after some centuries the country came under the domain of the French but Spain managed to recover the control once again. The influence of the French on the Dominican Republic’s culture was very small compared to the one of Spain. Since Spain dominated the country for most of the time; the language, the food and the vast majority of last names are from Hispanic origin.

Hispanic Last Names Origins

Last names that come from Spain are slightly different than the ones originated from other countries like the United States. A typical example in the American culture is that last name of the father is the one passed to the children while the mother’s last name is not. Also when a woman gets married she acquires the last name of her husband. In the Hispanic culture things are a bit different with the surnames. It is customary that people has 2 last names one belonging to the father and the other from the mother unlike the American culture which typically involves a first name, middle name and last name.

A very easy example to follow could be of a man named Jose Ramos Perez marries a woman called Maria Santiago Torres. Maria would adopt her husband’s last name in conjunction to her old name. In that case the woman’s name would become Maria Santiago Ramos, Maria Santiago de Ramos, Maria Santiago Torres de Ramos or Maria Santiago Torres Ramos. Now if the couple decides to have a son called Raul his name would be Raul Ramos Santiago. As you can see the child will have the father’s last name and the mother’s last name.

There is a frequent tradition in the Hispanic last names where a son gets the same first name as the father and a daughter will get the same first name as her mother.

Following the previous example the son of Jose and Maria could also be called Jose Ramos Santiago and if they had a daughter Maria Ramos Santiago. This is not troublesome since both children have 2 last names and there won’t be any confusion. They can also decide to name several children in the same way in the Hispanic culture, however, they would require slightly different first names like Jose Alfredo, Jose Miguel or Jose Carlos.

Other Hispanic last names have their early origin in the description of a person.

Like Jose Moreno, Moreno meaning brown in Spanish, their occupation like Juan Guerrero, Guerrero meaning warrior in Spanish or the name of the father with a small modification at the end by adding es, as, is, os or by adding ez, az, iz, oz like Armando Rodriguez, Armando being the son of Rodrigo.

The most common last names of Hispanic origin are Rodriguez, Garcia, Hernandez, Perez, Rivera, Gonzales, Ortiz, Martinez, and Santiago.

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