Beach Reception Group Activities

Due to the more casual location there are a number of fun group activities that can provide a change from traditional wedding reception activities and allow the guests and the Punta Cana wedding party to take part in many fun non traditional activities that will spice up the wedding reception for all concerned. Beach receptions can be entertaining not only for the bride and groom but the guests as well.

For those of you who want a truly unique reception, thinking in a creative way when it comes to activities for the wedding party can make your day more special for you and unforgettable for your guests.

Bridal Party Activities

Why not include the entire bridal party in a game that they will find fun and the guests will enjoy watching, called "Do I Know the Bride or Groom"; in this activity first blindfold the groom and then have all the female members of the wedding party remove their shoes and then allow the groom to feel the feet of all the female guests to see if he can pick out his bride. If you want to add a little fun to the game have the best man submit his feet as well. Once the groom has maWhite and pink beach receptionde his guess, then blindfold the bride and have her feel the male wedding party members faces to see if she can choose her groom.

Another game that is great but, needs to be prepared in advance is to ask the bride and groom a series of questions about their relationship like where they met, how long they dated, how he proposed and then at the reception see which of the bridal party gets the answers to the most of the questions right.

Large Fun Group Activities

For a rather large group why not include the limbo. It would be appropriate for a Punta Cana beach party with the limbo and guests of all ages can have a great time with this activity. It is fun and provides everyone a chance to laugh and get to know one another.

Beach volleyball is also a great activity especially if most of the guests at the reception are fairly active individuals. You can have a bride and grooms team or allow the newly married couple to compete together. For those who are a little less active why not set up a game of horse shoes or croquet for the people to enjoy.

Of course you are still going to want the bride and groom to circulate and to speak with all their guests and no wedding would be complete without the toasts and little romantic dancing all of which can be enjoyed by all.

The main thing is to think of activities that can include all your guests and are fun, natural to the setting which is the great out of doors; everybody is sure to have the time of their lives and plenty of memories to look back on.

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