Golf Swing Tips

Enjoying a golf game in Punta Cana can represent an opportunity to practice some golf swing tips. In any golf course in which you decide to play, you can be sure that you will have a great time. As soon as you arrive to the golf course, you will notice that the people are very kind; the golf courses are in very good condition and the service that you will receive is excellent.

If you are beginning to practice this sport and you want to play golf in Punta Cana, you can receive golf lessons there, enjoy the surroundings, and then go to dinner in one of the clubs, which offers an exquisite menu and an exceptional service.


If you are a beginner, the first the first thing you should do is to get a glove for your left hand if you are right-handed or if you are left-handed, then you can get one for the right hand. Gloves can be synthetic material or leather. The second thing you have to do is to buy golf clubs. At the beginning you are going to need only one golf club. You can rent them each time you go to practice, but if you rent a club several times, perhaps for that money you can buy one.

Other option is to buy a second hand club. But you must take into account that in a short time you'll need more golf clubs, so it may also be a good option to buy a set of half-game clubs and a carrying bag. In Punta Cana, you have the option to rent golf clubs or bring your own clubs.

Golf Swing Tips

Man playing golfBefore the swing, it is desirable to make warming up exercises before you begin the game.

- What is important is to maintain a correct posture.

- Another tip - don't place the back very straight as it could take you to make a swing toward inside. 

- The rotation of the shoulder: according to what experts say, it is ideal that the left shoulder pass under the chin. It is important that the movement of the arms and shoulders be joint. 

Golf Grip

If you want to improve your golf swing, remember that a good swing begins with a correct grip. The trajectory of the ball is going to depend on the grip of the golf club. In the golf swing tips it is advisable to get used to hold the stick with your fingers and not with the palm of the hand. The golf club should always be kept firmly but gently, avoiding loosen the hands at the end of the rise of the golf club.


The slice is an effect of the flight of the ball that makes this move toward the right. All the players have "suffered" it in any occasion; this is often the most common of the errors in those who are just beginning in this sport and it should be corrected as Golf course near the beach coastsoon as possible because we run the risk that it becomes a "chronic" error.

Although correct the slice is not simple, experts advise the following golf swing tips: make sure that the hand grip is the correct one, you need to check that three fingers of the left hand are visible and you should keep the hands facing toward the right.

Also check the alignment; this means that the shoulders, hips and feet must be in a parallel line and flexing the knees slightly. In addition to this, you must place your left hand forward slightly. Increase the pressure of the hand to avoid hitting strong with the right side.

Remember to follow the advice that we mentioned earlier to improve your golf swing. After all when you play golf you should be able to relax as it is part of the vacation.

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