Tips and gift ideas for the resort staff

Tipping during your vacation

Many guests don't have clear idea on tips and gift ideas for the resort staff. When you go on a Punta Cana vacation, you will notice that the hotel staff of a quality resort will work very hard to make sure your stay is pleasant.

The hotel staff, however, does not always receive the proper payment for their services. As a result, they will often rely upon tips to make a decent weekly earning.  

The term “resort staff” can be a somewhat catch all term. Major hotels will have a large staff that performs several different duties. The amount of money that you want to tip them should be based upon the services they perform. You will want not to over tip or under tip them, that is why is good to understand the proper amount of tips and gift ideas for the resort staff.

For those who may need a little help, here are some suggestions for tipping in Punta Cana:

Resort in the Caribbean

As soon as you reach the hotel, you will come in contact with the bell hops that will carry your bag to your room. As you are well aware, it is not always a joy to lug these bags but it is also not a major burden. So, depending upon the weight of the bag, you will want to tip $1 - $2 per bag. 

When you are settled in your room, there will be two members of the hotel staff you will have contact with. These staff members are maids and room service. Maids generally will venture into your room when you are not there.

However, it is best to leave $2 to $3 in tips as one of the gift ideas for the resort staff out in plain sight per day (with a little note saying "Gracias" which means thank you) if you think they have done a good job. They work hard to make sure the room is presentable so why not reward them for their effort? 

As for room service, it is best to tip them the same you would tip a waiter about 15%. However, it is important to check whether or not gratuities are already included as part of the bill. In some resort they already are. At the buffets normally you are not expected to tip, even if you are served juice, water, etc. 

When having a fancy drink you can give the bartender something like $1 or 2 US dollars per drink as tips.

Some travelers also provide small gifts or trinkets to hotel staffs as well. 

For example, for the room maid you can leave: some makeup, fragrance or inexpensive jewelry; with a thank you note. Remember that this is fine when added on to a monetary tip, which is more important. To give only small gifts without a bit of cash is not very appropriate, because their salary is not enough.

Tipping the hotel staff in your Punta Cana vacation is not only a way to show your appreciation for the work they perform, it also ensures that your stay is an enjoyable one. After all, a happy staff will certainly treat you well.

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