General Facts about Surfing

There are many facts about surfing that might surprise you. Surfing is one of the most popular water sports around the world. The sport consists of a person riding a board on the crest of a wave. Surfing is commonly practiced in the ocean and it can actually be done in any body of water that has waves, as in a surfing pool.

Over the course of many years several variations of surfing have appeared; one of them requires the assistance of a motorized boat (tow-in surfing) and there is another that is done without a board called body surfing.

Surfing Origins

The history of the surfing sport is quite interesting; no one knows exactly for sure who created this amazing recreational activity; most of the people agree that it originated in one of the islands in the Pacific Ocean. One of the most intriguing facts about surfing is that Polynesians seem to be the actual creators of the sport. The first outsiders to experience the wonders of surfing were the Europeans, however, who exactly is still unknown.

James cook was a very famous explorer and one of his achievements was describing the way the Tahitians surfed in one of his journals. It is still uncertain if he was the first European to actually witness surfing or if there was another before him.

In any case Hawaii is still considered to be center of the sport, not just because of its impressive waves but because is the birth place of the “father of modern surfing” Duke Paoa Kahanamoku.

How to Surf

One of the most interesting facts about surfing is that mastering it is way harder than you think. The sport might seem easy for some but there is a lot of skill involved. It is not as simple as taking a surfboard and jump over it. Anyone that wants to surf, especially for the first time, must follow certain rules to reduce the risk of getting hurt. First is to always have someone accompanying you. That person should be a skilled surfer at least or a very good swimmer. Do not surf in regions near rocks. Finally you should never surf while being drunk or right after eating.

Once you know these rules is time to head into the water. First when you paddle out in your surfboard is essential to keep balance. The front part of the board should be out of the water and you must keep your legs on the board. Using wax can help you stay on the board if it gets too rough. Positioning in the wave is the step that follows. It will require a lot practice to get the timing right but with a good instructor you will learn the right way to do it in no time.

There are many places around the world where you can practice surfing; one of them is Punta Cana. The waters surrounding the area can be appropriate for those that are just starting to learn the sport.

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