Dominican Faceless Dolls

The favorite souvenirs among the travelers that visit the country

The faceless dolls are very popular in the Dominican Republic. If you have traveled to Punta Cana or another region in the country chances are high that you probably have seen these interesting dolls.

They are generally very colorful and have no facial characteristics in purpose. The dolls come in different sizes and various skin tones that vary from very light to dark. These dolls are mostly created wearing dresses that depict the typical "rural or country" working women with diverse hats or handkerchiefs around the head. That is why most of them are carrying something; generally is flowers or fruits.

If you are wondering where you can get them, they are available at most resort's gift stores, and local shops. Dominican faceless doll in a green and orange dress

I have observed that the price of the small ones begin at $3.00 USD. The cost of the next ones in size may begin from $10.00 USD.

To keep them from breaking during the trip it is likely that the seller will wrap the dolls in paper. Before departing from the Dominican Republic to your country, if it is possible, try to put them in your carry-on bag to prevent damages.

Dominican Republic faceless doll with blue dress

You can put them on a table to remember your vacation. I am sure that each time you take a look at your doll you will remember what a wonderful time you had there. 

Aside from their singular appearance, what really make them special is that they symbolize all the cultures that are present in the Dominican women today. Plus, they are very inexpensive and make perfect souvenir gifts.  

The picture at your left shows a beautiful 
small Dominican doll with a blue hat and matching blue dress. It measures about 3 1/2 inches tall.

During my trip to Punta Cana I bought 3 dolls and I'm sure that for my next trip I will buy a few more to add to my collection and also to gift.

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