Electrical Outlets on Resorts

by Krista

Do I need a converter to use Canadian electrical appliances, for example, a curling iron, in the rooms at the resorts?


Hi Krista,

In your case is not really absolutely necessary to bring an adapter or a voltage converter with you. The Canadian appliances use the same voltage as in the United States and most work in Punta Cana as well.

The Dominican Republic uses 110 V input and the North American grounded socket also, so there is no need for an adapter either as the plugs will fit.

As a general rule you don't need any converter to use an appliance with a 2-prong plug like a curling iron or a cell phone charger in the Dominican Republic if you have Canadian or United States electrical equipment. There are some countries in the western hemisphere that have voltage requirements very similar to the ones in Europe. Argentina is one that uses 220 to 240 V and not the typical 110V that is found in North America.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that some appliances have different requirements. A laptop, for example, can normally work with different kinds of voltage. Most of them are designed to function in a 100 to 240 V range and can automatically change the setting according to its needs. A hairdryer is another matter; it may work but you need to read carefully the back label indicating the appropriate voltage for its use.

Even if your electrical device has the correct voltage you need to be prepared in case of unexpected surges. In the rooms at most resorts in Punta Cana certain small fluctuations on the voltage can be possible so is good practice to use your hairdryer or curling iron only for a short period of time. Transformers are another alternative for those that wish to use advanced electronic equipment in the resorts. They can reduce voltage way more efficiently than converters so they are perfect for complex devices that are used for a prolonged period of time.

Voltage converters and transformers may not be completely needed if your electrical appliances are Canadian however a surge protector may decrease the chances of damage to your equipment in case of power problems. Do not forget before leaving your room to unplug your devices to reduce the chances of fire hazard and accidents.

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