Dominican Republic Prepaid Cell Service

by Angelo
(Chicago, IL)

Can I buy a prepaid sim card in the Punta Cana airport?


Hello Angelo,

If you want to save money when calling to the United States or any other part of the world it may be possible for you to get an inexpensive Claro prepaid SIM card at the Punta Cana International Airport. If for some reason you are unable to access the shop at the airport; there is another one very close in front of it at the area known as Punta Cana village.

Fortunately for you that’s not the only place where you can get one. In the case that you want to get it from a different place there are other providers like: Orange, Viva, Tricom and more. As you travel to the resorts area there are many shops close by that can assist you. In almost every shopping mall in Punta Cana you can find cell phone shops that can provide you what you need and the best part is they are very close to most resorts.

Before you go to a store and get the card you are looking for - keep in mind that the process may take several minutes.

So if you are on tight time frame as you arrive is better not to risk your tour bus leaving you. On the other hand if your means of transportation to the resort is a taxi you can tell the driver to take you to the store and wait for you without much problem. Be prepared to compensate the taxi driver appropriately for the waiting time.

Using certain SIM cards can get tricky as you may know some cell phones are locked which can complicate the matter quite a bit. Before buying any card be sure that your phone is completely unlocked so you are able to use the card.

In the scenario that your phone is one of those that are very hard to unlock you can get a new one at the shop that comes with a prepaid card. They can be acquired for a very fair price. In some shops you might get one for around $20 to $25. That is a very small price to pay considering that you can save a good deal of money if you need to call to many places.

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