What are the Top 10 Dominican Republic Newspapers?

Whether you are planning to pay a quick visit or stay for the long term in the DR, taking a look at the Dominican Republic newspapers is the right move. You never know when the weather might get a bit rough at the last minute or when a new festivity might be around the corner. Keeping in touch with the latest updates will help you get prepared for any surprises that may show up in your trip. The following list of the top newspapers in the country will prove to be useful in your journey.


The Top 10 Newspapers in the Dominican Republic:

1. Hoy

Created in August 1981, Hoy is one of the top newspapers of the Dominican Republic. It has been responsible for educating and informing the citizens about all incidents happening in the country and the rest of the world.


2. Diario Libre

Informing Dominicans about world events affecting the Dominican Republic is the job of the Diario Libre. From sports to politics, the newspaper makes sure all its reports are accurate and concise.


3. Listin Diario

With over a 100 years of history, El Listin Diario has been part of the Dominicans' effort to inform and educate. It doesn't matter if it happened in Europe or the house next door, the publication will make certain any event of relevance will be given the most detailed attention.


4. El Caribe

El Caribe is another printed paper well known for delivering the information that all Dominicans need at the right time.


5. El Nacional

Reporting the news as they happen is what makes El Nacional one of the top newspapers in the country. Science, economy and even show business are just a small part of what the publication has to offer.


6. El Día

Understanding world events and informing the citizens of the Dominican Republic about them is the duty of El Día. The newspaper takes very seriously its mission to communicate and publicize the truth.


7. El Nuevo Diario

The tabloid known as El Nuevo Diario was founded in May 1981 to report news of interest to Dominicans living in the Dominican Republic and around the world.


8. Metro

Another publication is the Metro. This newspaper covers local and international news of interest for all residents of the Dominican Republic.


9. La Información

La Información is one of the oldest newspapers in the Dominican Republic. Since November 1915, it has been through a vast number of crises, but it had managed to overcome them despite significant obstacles. Publishing news about the well-being of Dominicans is its top priority.


10. Infos Diario

Reporting events as they happen is what infos diarios does best. Its mission is to update the people of the Dominican Republic about important events going on in or outside the country.


29 Additional Dominican Republic Online Newspapers you Shouldn't Miss:

1. Acento

Acento is a digital newspaper covering national and international news about a variety of topics in the Spanish language.


2. Noticias SIN

Noticias SIN is another paper found in the digital format. It includes news from the DR and other countries. As you would expect, it is in Spanish. You can even watch the news live if you wish to do so.


3. Almomento

If you are more interested in the news happening across the different regions of the Dominican Republic, Almomento has what you need. It focuses more on the domestic news, although a few articles discussing international events can be found.



CDN is another good news platform where you can find information about national and international events. Live broadcasts featuring different topics are also available.


5. El Pulmón de la Democracia

El Pulmón de la Democracia is a news site that you can use to get informed about all events that happen in the Dominican Republic and the world. Its language is Spanish and the topics covered are varied.


6. Ensegundos.do

Ensegundos is a digital newspaper committed to publishing news of national and international interest. Created in July 2007 by journalist José Peguero, it remains as one of the top independent digital publishing platforms around.


7. Dominicano Ahora

The Dominican Republic has another news outlet responsible for reporting events that happen anywhere in the country at any time. Dominicano ahora is committed to ensuring the objectivity and clarity of the information released without compromising its integrity.


8. Francomacorisanos

Francomacorisanos is digital publication in the DR featuring National and international news in the Spanish language.


9. 7dias

No list of Dominican newspapers is complete without the addition of 7 días. This digital publication report events of interest for all Dominicans.


10. Acontecer Financiero

Acontecer Financiero is a Dominican newspaper that focuses on topics of economy and energy.


11. Tribuna Dominicana

As an independent newspaper created in 2004, the Tribuna Dominicana publishes content of vast importance to all Dominicans.


12. Diario Horizonte

A excellent source of information for all Dominicans and nonDominicans alike is the Diario Horizonte. Whether you want to watch the news in Spanish or English, you will find what you are looking for.


13. Barriga Verde

Instead of paying attention almost exclusively to events in the national and international arena, Barriga Verde mostly publishes news affecting the province of San Juan de la Maguana and other often overlooked regions of the Dominican Republic.


14. El Viajero

On July 15, 2005, the Viajero newspaper was created to report significant events from the DR and the rest of the world. It is still to this day a remarkable source of information.


15. Dominicanos Hoy

A digital newspaper covering the latest DR news is Dominicanos Hoy. There you will be able to find the info that you need when you need it.


16. RD Noticias

RD Noticias made its debut in May 1993. Its mission is to report events happening in the Dominican Republic in a way that Dominicans living in other countries can easily relate to.


17. La Verdad de Ahora

La Verdad de Ahora is a digital news platform where Dominicans from any part of the world can learn about the current situation in the DR.


18. Diario Digital

If you want to get updated on the latest news happening in the Dominican Republic, you should visit the Diario Digital. Since January 2006, the digital newspaper has been informing about all essential developments occurring in the country.


19. Dominican Today

Another great source of Dominican News for those well versed in the English language is the Dominican Today. You will find updates to the most recent events.


20. 24horas

As the name implies, 24 horas is a newspaper offering updates on the most recent news and trends.


21. Espacio de Comunicación Insular

Among all the newspapers in the Dominican Republic, the Espacio de Comunicación Insular is known to focus on the news affecting the relationship between the different regions of the DR and the neighboring country of Haiti.


22. La Romana Bayahibe News

Those interested in getting updates about Dominican Republic's tourism and social endeavor should pay close attention to the La Romana Bayahibe.


23. El Masacre

El Masacre is a digital publication where Dominicans can find the information they need when they need it.


24. El Jaya

If you are interested in getting informed about the news and other developments in the Dominican Republic, El Jaya has everything you need. By specializing in matters of local interest, the newspaper delivers the most necessary information to the right people.


25. Costa Verde DR

Costa Verde is a digital publication reporting news from several towns of the Dominican Republic, especially those from the northeast area such as Nagua, Cabrera, Rio San Juan and Gaspar Hernández.


26. Bavaro News

For over ten years, the weekly Bavaro News has been informing their readers about local and foreign events. Like most newspapers in the DR, the publication is in Spanish.


27. Proceso

The Proceso paper keeps Dominicans updated about the recent news impacting the country. The platform is easy to read, and you can even choose the language of your preference.


28. Primicias

Learning about the latest news is as simple as reading Las Primicias. It covers a wide variety of topics from the national and international arena.


29. Las Principales

Finding out the latest news affecting millions of Dominicans is an easy task with the help of Las Principales. The newspaper details events in the DR and other parts of the world.


As you can see, the Dominican Republic's newspapers are among the best alternatives to find out what's happening in the country. Take some time before your trip, check them out online, and see the difference they make.



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