Dominican Republic Larimar Stone

The Dominican Republic larimar stone has captured the imagination of many people by its color. The appearance of the stone is of a specific blue shade that resembles the color of the Caribbean sea.

The color varies from white, light blue, sky blue and deep blue. The uniqueness of the rock is not limited to its overall look but to the fact that is a rare finding as well. Some jewels and stones, like the larimar, are formed in special areas beneath the soil.

Larimar necklace

Where the Larimar can be found?

The strange mineral is a very unusual variety of pectolite, which can rarely be located outside the Dominican Republic. The rock has a volcanic origin and was basically the result of cooling and crystallization of the lava. Even inside the country; obtaining the Larimar is not that simple. The most popular area where it can be found is in a mine called “Los Chupaderos”. This place is close to Barahona which is in the southwest part of the Dominican Republic. The precise location of the mine is in a sector called “Los Checheses” around 10 km southwest of the Barahona city.

Discovery of the stone

The Dominican Republic Larimar was found for the first time around the 1970’s. At the moment of the discovery the natives of the area named the stone the blue stone because they thought it came from the sea. The precious stone was discovered by Miguel Mendez. He used the his own daughter’s name Larissa and mixed it with the word “mar” which means sea in the Spanish language and the result was the name larimar because is very similar to the color of the water of the Caribbean sea.

The quality of the gem is mostly determined by its color and general structure. It is said the higher the intensity and the contrast of the blue the more rare the Larimar will be. The tone of the mineral may fade if it is exposed to very high temperatures or a lot of light.

The gem is not just pretty; there is much more to it. Many people believe this stone has a diverse amount of properties. The larimar stone is quite popular for supposedly contributing to relieve the stress and anxiety. It is said that the stone represents healing, love, peace and clarity. As you can see the Dominican Republic larimar stone is another of the interesting things that the country has for anyone that decides to visit it.

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