Dominican Republic Coffee

Interesting details on this popular drink

The Dominican Republic coffee is one of the favorite drinks in the Caribbean. The coffee is very intense and quite sweet.

People in the country usually use a pretty big amount of sugar for their coffee because is the way they are used to and that’s how they like it. They prefer it very concentrated as well with little or even no milk at all. For people who are not used to their coffee it will taste very strong. The Dominican Republic coffee is their most popular national drink without alcohol.

Long ago the coffee beans were not as refined as they are now. It was after the introduction of some international coffees that the Dominicans decided to refine theirs to a higher degree.

Cup of black coffee - common in Dominican Republic

Today even when the people love their coffee to be very sweet and use lots of sugar, to make sure it is, many experts state that using sugar in the coffee actually alters the taste of it and takes away the real essence of the coffee. 

The coffee without sugar tastes quite a bit bitter but there are some people that really enjoy the original taste of coffee.

People drink coffee in many different ways one of them is black (without milk or sugar), with milk (white coffee), coffee with lots of boiled milk called “medio pollo” and American coffee that is served with lots of hot water. In the street when you buy coffee they will give it to you with sugar already added on it, so give it a try and you will discover a new world of flavor.

The coffee beans in the Dominican Republic are cultivated in main different areas. In the mountain range near Bahoruco, Azua and Bani located at the Southwest of the country. At the northern mountains they are grown near San Francisco, Moca and Salcedo.

Originally it was the Spanish that brought coffee from the African continent around the 18th century. The coffee is similar to the coffee found in the other Caribbean islands and is well described as one with mild acidity and simple flavor. Many experts agree, the west processed coffee is the ideal alternative to obtain high quality dark roasted espresso blends.

It is a well known fact that coffee with a lesser degree of acidity is originated from lower altitudes plus it tends to be softer.

Whether the person is wealthy or not the taste of a good cup of coffee is a part of their life style. So whenever you are there don't miss the chance to taste the flavor of the national drink.

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