Dominican Republic Art

The Dominican Republic art is beautiful and simple. There are many aspects of the Dominican culture that are quite enchanting, one of them being their art. Art could be defined as a way to express oneself in a way that it stimulates emotions and thoughts. The concept of art could be understood as composed of many elements such as music, paintings and architecture among others.

Understanding the art of the Dominican Republic can be a bit tricky but if you learn about the way of life of many Dominicans you might be able to grasp the concept.

One of the most popular ways for the Dominicans to express themselves in an artistic way is through their music. Dominicans love singing to their children to make them fall asleep at night. Children also enjoy singing while they play their games. Singing is a very common activity for people of all ages in the Dominican Republic. The adults use it mostly while they are working in their daily tasks. Another interesting fact is that a lot people sing serenades to declare their love to their beloved ones.

Music is a big part of the art not just because of the singing but the dancing is a key element in their culture.

Merengue is the most popular dance in the Dominican Republic. It is composed of a series of rhythmic moves between two people. Merengue is considered a way of expression for the Dominicans, however, it has managed to spread to several countries around the world especially those that speak Spanish.

Paintings are also an important part of the Dominican art.

There are several galleries in the Dominican Republic where you can see paintings developed by local artists that are quite rare.

The colonial district in Santo Domingo is where most of the arts galleries are concentrated.

Several of the art works can be bought from the artists in prices relatively affordable.

History - The Dominican Republic art is also expressed through the architecture of the country.

There are several constructions that reflect the spirit of the ancient colonial times. The Cathedral of Santa Maria La Menor is one of the most impressive monuments that you can find related to the colonization of the new world. Other great architectural master pieces that you can find in the Dominican Republic are the Cathedral “Nuestra Señora de La Altragracia” in the city of Higuey near Punta Cana, the family house of Christopher Columbus and the Fortaleza Ozama in Santo Domingo.

The theater is an art expression as well. There is an auditorium in Santo Domingo that can seat almost 1700 people. This auditorium has very modern facilities and is frequently used during the theater season.

As you can see the Dominican Republic is quite rich in the arts so be sure to visit the theaters and the galleries next time you are around.

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