Dominican Republic Airports

Dominican Republic airports are visited very often by tourists. The tourism industry is essential for survival of the country’s economy. The airports at the Dominican Republic are a vital part to keep the tourist traffic flowing. Because of that improvements have been made to several airports and other facilities have been built.

The Dominican Republic is also a big country when compared to other countries in the Caribbean, making necessary the addition of several airports between its cities to ease the traveling. Some cities like Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata are very distant from each other taking approximately 4 hours to travel by car from one point to the other.

Some of the Dominican Republic airports provide services to commercial airlines while others are dedicated to private flights. 

The most important airports at the Dominican Republic are: the Las Americas JFPG International airport, the Punta Cana International airport, the La romana International airport, the Samana El Catey International Airport, the Cibao International Airport, La Isabela International Airport, the Arroyo Barril International Airport, Gregorio Luperon International airport and the Maria Montez International Airport.

There are other airports like the Constanza Airport and the San Miguel Airport which are basically used for Domestic flights and private flights respectively.

The biggest and one of the most important airports at the Dominican Republic is the Las Americas JFPG International Airport. This airport is located 18 miles east of the capital city of Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo is the oldest city in the new world so is not a coincidence that many tourists feel attracted to this historical place. This airport is the second busiest one in the Dominican Republic and is used for domestic and international flights. Its facilities include short and long term parking spaces for all travelers.

Another of the most important Dominican Republic airports is the Punta Cana international airport.

This airport is known to be the one with the most traffic in the Dominican Republic and it can take 15 to 45 minutes from the airport to reach most of the resorts in the area. Since Punta Cana is a very popular vacation destination it makes sense that most people coming to the Dominican Republic will like to visit some of the most amazing beaches in the world located there.

The third most visited airport in the Dominican Republic is the Cibao International Airport located at the Santiago de los Caballeros city.

This airport is known to be one of the most modern in the area. It also handles domestic and international flights.

Another of the Dominican Republic airports is The Gregorio Luperon International airport which is located 18 km away from Puerto Plata and is the fourth most visited airport in the Dominican Republic. This airport also known as the Puerto Plata Airport is capable of handling any kind of airplane no matter the size of it.

La Romana International airport is also a very popular airport at the Dominican Republic.

Located very close to the town of La Romana the airport is known to be the preferred spot of business men that enjoy visiting the Casa De Campo resort in the south of the country for a very relaxing vacation. La Romana airport provides some international flights but is mostly used by private planes.

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