General Dominican Hair Care

The Dominican hair care is something many people keep in mind especially when they are going to be spending a few days vacationing or are going to celebrate a particular occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary in Punta Cana.

Even when some men care about their hair condition, traditionally the women are just more selective about the way theirs look.

Most Dominican women want their hair to look presentable.

Dominican Hair Styling

In the Dominican Republic some women are born with Taino native hair, which is straight and smooth. Other women have wavy hair as a result of the Spanish ancestry in the mixed culture. Because of the African heritage, a great number of women tend to have the it very curly or coarse. That is the reason of why so many tend to use relaxers and other various techniques on their hair.

One of the Dominican haircare techniques used frequently by hairstylists is called the Dominican blowout, basically consisting of:

- Washing the hair thoroughly, then using a regular or deep conditioning treatment depending on the hair's condition.

- Using a hair dryer and a conditioner (with a cap or wrap) for around 15 minutes.

- Rinsing it completely.

- When the hair is entirely wet, before blow drying, many use magnetic rollers with a hair dryer to give the preliminary straight form.

- Then using a blow dryer with a round brush to give that just slightly wavy but straight look.

The normal styling for relaxed hair is wearing it down. With the use of blow dryers is not a difficult task. At other times, like in daily activities or very hot weather, the ponytails are commonly seen. Another styling technique is just leaving it as natural as possible but with one or two simple accessories.

It is very common to see girls with braids and also wearing colorful elastic hair bands.

In the case of men some of them just keep their hair short, others have braids and some have an Afro style.

Dominican Hair Care Tips

In the country there are many typical ways to maintain the hair looking healthy:

Avocado and olive oil for the hair

  • use a deep conditioner every two weeks

  • sleep with a "dubi" (is when the hair is wrapped around the head using bobby pins to keep the straight form after using a flat iron or dryer)

  • use an avocado and olive oil hair mask (2 or 3 times monthly)

Other Beauty Tips

- Ideal Complexion - Many Dominican women have amazing facial skin and the secret is that they seem to avoid consuming over-processed sugary foods.

- Strong Nails - Something frequently done in the DR is to add crushed fresh garlic in a clear nail polish, can be the base or top coat. Within days it gets quite a strong smell and the polish turns a bit yellowish. It is believed that it makes the nails grow stronger.

Dominican Hair Products

The products made in the Dominican Republic for the hair are actually quite distinct and innovative, some use jojoba oil, chocolate or avocado; others use snail slime in their ingredients. Some are natural and organic while others tend to be more on the artificial side. Since most of them are affordable; any person can use them in their daily routine. They are very popular among Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean and widely used by Hispanic women throughout the United States.

In the country is very easy to find Dominican hair care products, like glosses, conditioners, sprays, deep conditioning treatments, heat styling creams and hair growth shampoo.

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