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The Dominican Republic consulate is not different from any other consulate. A consulate is basically a place where government officials from a certain country are located within the territory of another country.

These government personnel have the responsibility to protect the citizens they represent in case of a problem; their presence also serves to facilitate the trading between companies from one country to another. 

One common mistake people do is to confuse the ambassador with the consulate. The ambassador represents the head of state of one country and can only be one in the designated country. Consulates can be many, located in cities across distinct regions.

In a similar way like the other consulates; the Dominican Republic consulate can help people that want to know the requirements to enter the Dominican Republic.

The first thing they will tell you is there are certain requirements to enter the Dominican Republic that may vary according to the nation that you come from. People from countries like: Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Peru, Uruguay and Ecuador only require a valid passport to enter the country if they plan to remain for a maximum of 90 days. Citizens from other countries are required to possess a valid passport and a tourist card to enter the territory.

The tourist card can be purchased at any Dominican Republic consulate or the airport before entering the country. The card cost is 10 USD or Euros (per person), so you better be prepared with some money. The card allows you to stay for up to 30 days. If you want to stay between 31 to 90 days you will have to pay more.

The consulate can help you to obtain other important documentation as well.

If you are a Dominican citizen they can get you a new passport but you will need an official identification like a driver’s license and a recently expedited birth certificate. If you need to renew the passport you will basically need the same documentation. The cost of the passport is around 135 US dollars if you want it in the same day or 105 US dollars if you want it within 3 days.

There are other aspects that you need to keep in mind when traveling to the Dominican Republic. If somehow you get in trouble with the law in the Dominican Republic you can make a request to the police to communicate with the consulate of your country. Depending on the agreement between countries they might be able to give support in your situation.

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