Do we need visas for Punta Cana

My family and I are going to Punta Cana in June, we have passports but do we also need visas if we are staying for a week?


Many countries have different agreements with the Dominican Republic (and with other countries as well) – in addition to the passport many need a tourist card and a visa, others just need the tourist card and people from few other countries can enter with just the passport. That is a factor that is not dependent on the time of length of the visit to the country.

If you are from the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and some other countries then you won't need a visa to enter in the Dominican Republic. Some other countries that do not require a visa are: Australia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, New Zealand, Russia and others. (Ask in your local travel agent, or to be even more sure the Dominican consulate office if the citizens of your country are not required to get the tourist card or a visa.)

You will only need your passport and to purchase a tourist card at the airport for 10 USD or Euros once you arrive. It is essential to know that most people will need a tourist card to be able to enter the country after arriving to the airport, so remember to carry the cash with you when prior getting out of your home.


You mentioned that you and your family have passports, so you should be sure and take a look to verify all of them ahead of time because they should be valid before actually traveling to your vacation in the Dominican Republic. You would be in quite a difficult situation if you go to the airport and right there notice that actually one or all of the passports in your family are not valid for the next six months at the moment of flying. Which means that resolving the situations with months in anticipation will make your vacation keep going just as planned.

In the case that you want to stay in the Dominican Republic for more time, note that the tourist card is valid for 30 days. So if you are planning to have a long vacation then you should contact the Dominican consulate in your nation to know what steps to take towards staying for more time on Punta Cana or another region in the country.

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