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The information and opinions displayed on the website puntacana-travelguide.com are based on other travelers experience and of the owner of the website. All the content provided is to be used for entertainment, not as professional advice in any way. The owner of the site has put a lot effort to ensure the accuracy and veracity of the information given and disclaim any liability or responsibility for any mistake that may be present on the site. The users of the site have the responsibility to confirm that all the content provided is completely valid.

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Any advertisement that is part of the program is not controlled in any way by the owner of this website. Only Google chooses the specific “ads” that appear on the site. Search boxes that contain the Google logo are also part of the program and function in a similar way than the other advertising that can be easily identified by the "Ads by Google" presented on the website. By using the search box you agree to abide by Google’s privacy policy in the use of any of your personal data.

In addition, this website also participates in the Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads Program powered by media.net which provides a compensation for their shown and clicked advertisements. The owner of this website is not responsible for any problem or situation that might result from the acquisition of merchandise or service through any of the previously mentioned affiliates. Any issue should be discussed directly with the manufacturer, or fabricator of the unit, or direct provider in the case of a service.

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