Combination Lock in Punta Cana

Using a combination lock for the safe is what many people do when they arrive at their resort. A combination difficult for any other person is fundamental to keep the valuables safe while traveling.

The safes are mostly used to store money, documents and jewelry, which are important things for any traveler, especially if you are in another far away country for a vacation. 

Leaving your significant belongings unattended in the room is not recommended in any part of the world you travel to.

How to set a combination

For safety boxes or luggage locks choose numbers that only you know. Don't use obvious dates or numbers that might be written on documents at the hotel. You should use numbers that are meaningful and that you will remember at all times.  Don't be predictable, mix even numbers with odds ones.

Opening a combination lock

In order to successfully open the lock you have to use the following procedure: By turning three numbers into the appropriate position the lock will open. The first step is to reset the lock; this can be done by rotating it three times to the left; finally ending on the first number; after that the dial is rotated to the right going by the second number 2 times. 

Thereafter, the lock is turned left as stops on the third number without passing it. Once you have stopped on the third number, you just have to tug on it and the lock will open.

How does a lock works

Combination locks are certainly nothing new as they have been around since the Roman Empire. Despite the passage of many centuries, the basic concept of how the locks work, whether it is a padlock or the actual lock on a safe, the way that they open will be based on a particular sequence of numbers dialed in the proper manner.

Within the actual lock mechanism itself, there will be several rotating disks. These disks will have numbers of them that correspond with the numbers found on the dial. When the proper sequence is dialed, the lock will release its latch. This allows the lock to open.

You must be aware that a thief could, in some cases, find a way to get into some safety boxes and locks. Bring less valuable things from your home as possible for your trips.

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