Carry On Restrictions

With the carry on restrictions flying has recently become quite complicated with increased airport security and so many rules and regulations regarding carry on luggage. The security guidelines when it comes to carry on luggage restrictions will help get you through security and onto the plane with less frustration and stress.

You should always check with the airline you are using, because different airlines allow diverse size bags. That being said the standard size bags allowed by most airlines is 14 X 9 X 22 or 45 inches. The weight should not be more than 40 pounds.

Personal items may include a laptop computer, video camera, handbag, etc. Again if you are unsure about whether or not the personal item you wish to take is allowed then check with the airline before taking it along. When traveling with an infant you are also allowed to carry on one additional item for an infant, such as a diaper bag.

What should be inside your carry on bag

Limit those items inside your carry on bag to what you really need such as a change or two of clothes and important papers. This will make getting through those check points faster and easier.

While you may carry toiletries in your carry on bag, liquids and gels must be limited to 3.4 ounces or less and in clear bottles. All such bottles should be placed inside one quart size zip top bag and in an area that is easy to access as you will be required to have it inspected when going through security.

Larger quantities of liquids may be carried on the plane if they are items needed for the health of you as a passenger. These items include baby formula, blood plasma and life support fluids but, they must be checked through security before you carry them aboard. Alerting the security personnel you have them as soon as possible may speed your way through the checkpoints.

You will want to avoid anything that security personnel may consider a weapon such as scissors and other sharp objects.

Again checking with the airline if you have any doubt can save you from problems once you reach the airport.

Keep in mind that these carry on restrictions are not made to cause you frustration or spoil your trip by forbidding you to carry along items that you wish. They are designed to try and ensure the safety of the passengers and to protect everyone's life and well being. Following the restrictions can actually improve your trip as you will not have to spend an unreasonable length of time in security.

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