Caribe Club Princess Hotel Pictures

Take a look at the Caribe Club

These are some of Caribe Club Princess hotel pictures from vacation that I took. The trip to the Dominican Republic was in the month of November.

As you can see in the photos, in that month the days were sunny and beautiful. That was great for going on tours and walking around the resort.

Pool in the Caribe Club Princess

This is just one of the 3 refreshing pools at this resort. You can see how the tall palm trees create the perfect atmosphere here. As you sit in the chairs you can feel the warmth of the sun inviting you to simply throw yourself into the pool to enjoy a wonderful day in the tropics. There are very few things that can surpass the beauty and relaxation of day near this pool.


Lake of the resort

This is indeed a charming example of one the Caribe Club Princess Hotel pictures. The beautiful mini lake showed above is a reflection of serene environment that guests at the resort can experience. The lush green landscape and the peaceful crystal water are the ideal surroundings to enjoy a revitalizing walk around the resort.


Lounge chairs at the pool

You can appreciate in this photo another of the tranquilizing pools at the complex. There are plenty of chairs around so you can go to the pool whenever you feel like it. The pool is also quite big giving you the space you need to be at ease. If you like swimming; don’t worry you can do that to your heart’s content as well. 


My room in the Caribe Club Princess

This is one of the Caribbean club princess hotel pictures that shows a standard room. They are quite comfortable and best of all... affordable! You can see 2 very comfortable double beds and a lamp which are part of the typical furniture for this type of room. The accommodations are very cozy and yet elegant. The best part is that you can stay here enjoying the beauty of the tropics without breaking your wallet.


View from the room

This is another view of the standard room. You can see through the window the early sunrays that brighten the day of this tropical paradise. Getting up early in the morning as you watch the palm trees and other plants is an experience you won’t forget.


Rooms' building view in the morning

As part of the Caribe Club Princess Hotel pictures you can see the fantastic view of one of the building of the resort. The green vegetation and the tall palms create the perfect contrast with the modern architecture of the complex.


Going to the Manati Park

You can see me in this photo taking a stroll around the beautiful surroundings of the resort while I get ready for my trip to Manati Park.


Upper view of the rooms' building

You can see here the beautifully designed balcony in the second floor of one of the buildings in the hotel.



Walking around the lake was very relaxing, especially early in the morning and during the afternoon!


Entrance to one of the rooms' buildings

This is the entrance to one of the buildings of this amazing tropical resort. The entrances within the resort complex are very helpful in getting to different parts of the resort faster. That way you won’t miss the fun that awaits you!


Resort in a sunny day

This picture shows the classical Tropical beauty. The pool in the background and the palm trees around are essential elements that have to be present in a true dream vacation. Honestly, can you ask for more?


Caribe Club Princess grounds

As you have seen the resort looks great; the view of the gardens and the lake add a unique touch; just right to take a walk around.

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