Dominican Republic clothing for Punta Cana

What to wear when you are on vacation

There are certain basic aspects of the Dominican Republic clothing that you must know before heading to this vacation spot. Many islands are located around the region.

Which makes the spot one of the most desired in the whole world. Is very important to know the appropriate clothes to wear depending on the area you are visiting. The Caribbean is a wonderful area to be on vacation.

In some cases you must avoid wearing any camouflage clothes as in some of the islands like St. Lucia it is forbidden because the law enforcement in those areas uses them. Since it is a tropical spot you can easily know that there will be no need of garments for extreme cold among your Punta Cana clothing, which is awesome. Depending on the time of your stay on the island you will know the amount of clothes needed for the vacation time. 

There are 3 main basic types of Dominican Republic clothing you will need when staying in Punta Cana.

Palms in the beachYou will need some type of beachwear that you will also use in the pool area if needed, some general traveling clothes that you will need during the day when you go to explore, to the mall, and other touristic areas. 

When packing for Punta Cana you will also need evening clothes, to wear them when going out to restaurants and other places where you have to look a bit more fancy. 

- For the beachwear you will need to bring the stuff you will need on the beach and pool.

Men beach pantAny snorkeling equipment is more than welcome, some water shoes, sandals, flip-flops, and tennis shoes if you like to use them on the beach; any of them are appropriate for the area.

Also bring a prudent swimsuit with shorts or tank top and shorts in the case of women, which are basic items to have on a beach and the pool. 

Men can use some boardshorts along with tank tops as well.


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Woman in a poolPreferable you will want to have 2, 3 or 4 swimsuits depending on the amount of time you will spend vacationing, as you know only one swimsuit won’t be enough as it takes time to dry. 

Some things you shouldn't forget are: the sun block, which is a must and is better if it is over sun protection - SPF 30, a brimmed hat which helps to protect the head area.

- For general traveling the beach clothing should include some important basics.

Dominican Republic clothing should include socks, underwear, pants, t-shirts, and maybe a jacket for some cold areas inside the hotel.

Have many shorts available for day traveling; that goes for the men and women. For the men having a couple of linen pants with a couple of golf shirts will be more than enough to handle the day. The capri pants will help any women get by during the daytime. Tennis shoes, elegant sandals and flip flops will complete any look you want to wear.

- During the evenings you will have to look more polished. 

For the men is usually good to have closed shoes, some decent pants, as well as polo shirts and some cotton shirts. For the women skirts, trousers, and 2 or even 3 dresses for the evening will do great depending on the stay. Remember that normally restaurants at night will require some appropriate dressing, so keep that in mind.

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