Captain Cook Punta Cana Restaurant

The Captain Cook Punta Cana restaurant is directly situated on the beach called El Cortecito. Is a placed usually frequented by tourists and locals go there as well.

Even when most of the resorts in Punta Cana are all inclusive sometimes you will feel the need to get out and try to taste some of the country flavor and the Captain Cook is one worth trying. 

The Captain Cook restaurant dedicates basically to seafood.

The restaurant is indeed one of the most popular restaurants in this location. The place doesn’t have the great architecture of other restaurants in this area but the fresh seafood makes up for it.

The restaurant have a great view in front the of the beautiful blue sea. 

The place is 2 stories high, you can eat either on the outside under the palapas to look the marvelous scenery or inside if the weather turns bad. The food in this restaurant can take a bit while to prepare like 15 to 20 minutes but this is common for any restaurant especially with fresh food. A very important detail is to directly make the reservation over the phone and hire a water taxi to take you there.

In that way the meals will likely cost less, like 25 to 30 USD including drinks but if you allow the resort to make the reservation the meal will cost at least 50 dollars if you get lucky. They have the popular mahi-mahi plate. The Captain Cook restaurant is indeed one of the hotspots in the area to consider not just because of their seafood but also the scenery.

Now, even when this one might not be the finest restaurant that there is in the region, it still can be a very nice place to go, to change the resort scenery and try something new.

Location: Playa El Cortecito

Telephone Number: +1 809-552-0645

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