Boca de Yuma

Boca de Yuma is a village in the Dominican Republic. It is located at the province of La Altagracia close to Punta Cana.

As a matter of fact it takes approximately 1 hour to travel from Punta Cana to the village. If you are in La Romana it may take only 30 minutes to reach the area.

Interesting History Facts

The origin of the village is quite curious. A man named Pedro Sifuentes was the first one to arrive at the area. He got stranded at the Yuma bay after his ship sank and remained there alone for several years. Sometime after, fishermen from the island of St. Thomas found the place in 1880 and decided to live there with their families. As time went by, Boca de Yuma became a valuable defense post in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic. The Spanish empire decided to create a fort to watch over the bay. In order to defend the territory properly it was equipped with numerous cannons; some of them can still be seen to this day. One of the most popular stories pertaining to this area is the one of the Cofresi pirate.

It is said that Roberto Cofresi Ramirez de Arellano also known at the time as the legendary pirate Cofresi used to navigate the waters of the Yuma River.

He plundered several ships and shared some of the spoils with the poor people of the nearby colonies. Eventually; he was defeated in a battle against a commander of the US. At that point he and all his crew were taken as prisoners; he was executed in El Morro castle in March 29, 1825.

Boca de Yuma also played a very important role in the conquest of Puerto Rico.

Juan Ponce de Leon departed from Yuma known as the port of Higuey at the time to conquer the island of Borinquen (Puerto Rico) in 1508. He used this very port again before embarking in his journey to Florida in 1513.

Attractions nearby

Boca de Yuma is inhabited by approximately 2500 people so is not exactly a busy town. Even then this small village has much to offer to any visitor willing to adventure there. Anyone looking to spend a peaceful day at the beach will be amazed by the crystal waters and the tranquil atmosphere.

The Borinquen beach or “playa Borinquen” is one spot you should not miss.

In order for you to get there is necessary to cross the Yuma river. A local fisherman can help you do it for a small fee (RD$30) each time you want to cross. Once in the other side is approximately 10 minutes to reach the beach area.

If you desire to do something more than lying at the beach in Boca de Yuma; you can hunt, fish, hike, explore caves, and even take a stroll at the national park.

The park has several exotic animal species that are native to this part of the Dominican Republic. In addition there is a trail you can follow to watch a mesmerizing view of Isla Saona and the endless ocean. The national park has an entrance fee of $3.50 USD so keep that in mind.

Another exciting place you can visit in Boca de Yuma is the cave of Bernard.

This cavern allows you to experience the hidden beauty of this remote village. It can be found in the southwest part of the town. As you walk through the cave, you can appreciate plenty of Taino pictograms in the walls that will transport you hundreds of years ago. The stalactites and the stalagmites that took countless years to form are an extra sight to behold. The cavern is open every day from 8 am to 2 pm. The charge for entering with a guide is just $0.50 which is a pretty good investment considering all the knowledge you are going to acquire.

Any serious visitor to Boca de Yuma should not miss the river.

This is a pretty impressive river big enough to fit a boat in its waters. As you travel through it you can see the breathtaking scenery of the region in addition to the mysterious caves where the pirate Cofresi hid all his treasures.

A little more to the south of the city of Higuey the town of San Rafael de Yuma can be found.

In there you can visit La de casa de Ponce de Leon. This is basically a museum that was built to honor the Spanish conqueror Juan Ponce de Leon. The house was originally made by the Tainos slaves around 1505 as a residence for him and his family. It was later restored into the museum is today containing several artifacts that belonged to Ponce de Leon. The place can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 5 pm for just $1.50 USD.

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