Boca Chica Dominican Republic

Boca Chica Dominican Republic is a popular destination in the Caribbean. The municipality of Boca Chica is located approximately 37 km to the east of the city of Santo Domingo. There is a beach that goes by the same name of the municipality which can be found a couple of kms south of the region and is a typical area for the tourists.

The Boca Chica area has some similarities with other destinations in the Dominican Republic. Typical examples of this are Punta Cana and Puerto Plata. They are also frequented by many travelers and have great beaches.


Originally in Boca Chica Dominican Republic there was a town of considerable significance for the Tainos. Later around the 1900’s the area was developed into a sugar cultivation field but it wasn’t until the middle of the century that the town started to get the attention of tourists.

Rafael Leonidas Trujillo was the main figure responsible for the transformation of the town into a tourist destination. The famous dictator ordered the construction of the Hamaca Hotel which became a prime relaxing spot for wealthy locals. During that time other affluent families began to build private properties in the area, consequently increasing the popularity of the place.

Boca Chica Today - Things to Do

One of the things that make Boca Chica Dominican Republic a very interesting vacation spot is the breathtaking white sand beach with the fascinating coral reef that creates the illusion of a giant natural swimming pool. One of the best things about the beach there is the crystal clear shallow waters that aren’t too deep. The deepest the water will go in that area is about 3 to 4 feet of water. That depth makes the area an ideal place for children to safely swim and play.

In addition to swimming, the beach is excellent for waterskiing, windsurfing and kayaking.

Besides going to the Boca Chica beach, there are plenty of things to do. The night life at this place is one of most exciting ones in the Dominican Republic. The town is full of nightclubs which are ideal for people that love partying all night long. Salsa, merengue and house music are just some of the music types that can be enjoyed on a typical night around. Boca Chica also has many hotels and resorts for a vacation in the country.

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