Best Self Tanner for your Skin

Many people tend look for the best self tanner ahead of going on a vacation. They want to have the slightly bronze look before arriving to the Caribbean.

Reading information about tanning lotions and all the aspects to consider can prevent many inconvenient situations that could arise when not following the right directions or using low quality products for your own skin.

Which is the best indoor tanning lotion

Since many creams are so artificially based they can cause serious skin conditions. But if you're going to get one anyways, is very essential to look for a mineral or organic indoor tanning lotion or spray. Some of them are just for the body while others are gentle enough to be used for face and body as well.

With natural oils and plant extracts they can give the golden color right at the comfort of your own home. 

There is also another type of tanning cream, well known as a suntan lotion, that starts to work once you are under sun exposure for a specific period of time.

Tanning lotion, straw hat and sunglasses

Tips for getting a sun kissed tan

Before selecting a tanning lotion, ask people you know that have used them in the past, also read reviews; in other words do your own little research and choose the one with higher quality.

Days prior the application, make sure that your skin is well moisturized at all times.

At the moment of using your best self tanner apply just the right amount and don't overdo it. Aside from that, don't leave the lotion on your skin for more than what is indicated, you could end up looking quite orange. Keep in mind that the right tan is supposed to make you look more refreshed and not like a fruit or vegetable. 

It is crucial to use a sunscreen (even better if natural) when going outdoors, for example, to the beach or excursions to keep your skin in good condition and your tan looking flawless.

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