Basics of Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is almost the same as common volleyball with some exceptions. The way that is played is almost exactly as regular volleyball meaning there are 2 teams.

A high net is in the middle of them and to get points you must throw the ball into the ground of the opposing team basically or when the opposing team make errors. Normally the sport is played in teams of 2 people but you can actually play it in teams of 6.

Beach Volleyball History

Even when most people say the game was created in California it is said that was first played in Hawaii. Initially the game was developed as a way to entertain surfers when the waves were down but surely after some time it transformed into a 6 person game. The part where the game evolved into a 4 player game was due to a player waiting for the rest of the team to show up decided to play with the 4 people present and that forever changed that sport.

The volleyball is a fantastic sport to play in the beaches of Punta Cana. Even when the scoring method is basically the same and the general rules are very similar to the standard volleyball, there are certain differences that are quite important. The most notable difference is the fact that is played on a sand surface and not in a wood or concrete floor.

Also the number of players is quite different, 6 per team for the normal volleyball while for in the beach is 2 per team. The ball for the beach is softer and is a little bigger than the one used for indoor volleyball. Unlike in the regular version there are no substitutions for the players. The game is also played barefoot (without the common sneakers). The players don’t rotate positions like in the normal volleyball.

Beach Volleyball Rules
Beach volleyball net on a sunny day

The game consist of 3 sets, and the first team to get 21 points win the set. The normal volleyball is played for 5 sets. To win the set the team needs to lead by 2 points or more. The game is won by the first team that wins 2 sets. The net can be crossed from underneath as long as it doesn’t interfere with the adversary's attempt to play the ball. The net used is smaller one 8m x 16m instead the 9m x 18m which is the normal used. 

Those are the elements of the volleyball basics; when being on a vacation don’t let the chance of playing slip by, put a couple friends or the family together and practice the sport.

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