Beach Toys for Kids

Choosing the appropriate beach toys depends upon the age of the children and if they will spend more time in the water or playing in the sand. A vacation is great fun for the whole family.

Kids can keep themselves busy for hours playing in the sand or pool while the parents soak up the sun.

Toys for children should be functional, durable and complement playtime rather than frustrate kids and parents.

Looking for toys at the last minute can lead to making wrong selections; also shopping in resorts' stores means you will probably pay more too. The best idea is to plan ahead, decide on the best toys in advance and bring them with you. That involves your kids with vacation planning and helps you avoid the constant begging for new toys from tourist shops.

Some toys are a must have for any trip to the beach

These include plastic hand spades for digging, pails for molding sand for castles, and a sieve for shaking sand off tiny clams. Kids of all ages enjoy digging and creating sand castles.

Toys for playing in the sand

Sand toys should be chosen to support creativity but they should also be sturdy since they will be used to dig into heavy, wet sand. Thick plastic is a good choice because it is strong but not sharp and therefore safe for even small kids to play with.

One important consideration is the space needed to transport toys along with all your other vacation supplies such as clothes, shoes and personal items.

Inflatable beach toys won't take much room at all and can fit nicely in your luggage when deflated. Fun inflatable toys include rafts, balls and rings. Young children may enjoy wearing water wings or inflatable waist supports. Older kids will enjoy floats that can ride the waves. These can be purchased in various shapes and sizes but the smallest ones will be easiest to transport and they offer just as much fun.

Beach balls are fun for small kids to bat around but with the ocean breezes, older kids may appreciate having a heavier sponge ball to throw back and forth or dive for in the water.

- Note: Before taking the kids to the beach, once you are at the resort in Punta Cana, check around and decide if your kids will play at the beach, pool or another area with their toys, as some people might be wearing inappropriate clothing.

Beach toys could make your vacation more fun but more importantly, sometimes they can hold off boredom in your children. Adults may relish relaxing for hours at a time but kids will be kids even on vacation and will benefit from toys that keep them occupied.

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