Beach Buggy Excursions

Not many tours can be as exciting as the beach buggy driving excursion. They can be a lot of fun and that is one of the most important things in a vacation. Punta Cana is a destination with frequent buggy driving.

In the excursion, you can travel through different locations such as the coastline and forested paths. 

As you have the time of your life riding the ATV, you can also watch and learn how the people from the close by villages live. Besides running around in a buggy, you can visit ranches, horseback ride and explore a diverse number of caverns.

Another benefit of this fantastic excursion is the great meal you will have at lunch.

The excursion is not just some ride; it is a great adventure that you will be able to remember for the rest of your life. The fun buggy excursion includes a tour guide, sodas, lunch, a visit to a cave and horseback riding. For around 89 USD per adult and half the price for children above 5 years, you will have quite an entertaining trip. The journey will probably take the whole day and most likely will be worth every minute of it. Before jumping to a buggy, there are certain things that you must remember to make your trip more memorable.

4 Tips for beach buggy driving:

1. First, when driving in dune buggy tours, you must use precaution like if you were driving a normal car. In these type of excursions, you shouldn't drive too fast or you will crash into the other vehicles.

2. Another detail that you must take into account is to wear seat belts always.

Beach on a sunny day

Try to stay on the road always; if you get off track you might hit some animal, a tree or another person. Avoid taking any sharp turns at high speed; otherwise, your buggy might tip over.

Dune Buggy Punta Cana Video:

4. A very important tip is to not drink alcohol before or when driving a buggy. Even if driving a buggy is lots of fun, you still have to be responsible whenever your are driving to prevent any accidents.

The buggy excursion will give you the chance of seeing how the locals live while having your vacation in Dominican Republic.

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