Barahona in Dominican Republic

Barahona in Dominican Republic is a province located in the southwestern part of the country. Its capital known as the city of Santa Cruz de Barahona is a pretty interesting spot to visit for tourists. Getting to Barahona will take several hours especially if you want to get there from Punta Cana.

It can take approximately from 6 to 7 hours by car to reach the western province, so if you really want to do it, is recommended to travel very early in the morning. You can fly there too which is a better idea if you are staying in a far away area like in Punta Cana.

Barahona's Brief History

The origin of Barahona in Dominican Republic can be dated back to the Haitian revolution. In 1791 the slaves rebelled against the French that had control over the western part of the Hispaniola. Several years later, the French and the slaves came to an agreement which resulted in the defeat of the Spanish forces located in the eastern part of the island. Around 1795 the French took control over the whole island.

In 1801 the General Toussaint Louverture decided to free all the slaves in the Hispaniola allowing him to temporary rule island. In 1802 the general founded the town of Barahona. It soon transformed into a very productive sugar plantation but this only lasted until the collapse of the sugar market. Once the Dominican Republic became independent in 1844, Barahona became a military post. Several years later, around 1858 it transformed into a municipality. It took a little more than 20 years for the creation of the province in 1881. Although the town couldn’t become a major tourist destination, it still worth visiting due to its numerous attractions.

Curious Attractions of Barahona in Dominican Republic

Barahona may not be full of resorts but it has a lot to offer. Once there you can witness the astounding beauty of the beach located in the Las Aguilas Bay. This is a prime spot for relaxing and enjoying nature in its entire splendor. If you want see Barahona; you have to get to Santo Domingo first. 

If you love breathtaking sights you must take the road from Barahona to Enriquillo that overviews the sea; you won't believe your eyes.

Barahona in Dominican Republic is not exactly an industrialized area. The parks, the mountains, the lakes and the forests nearby are what make this place something special. Unlike Santo Domingo, Punta Cana or even La Romana this town doesn’t get too much foreign attention. Dominicans are the ones that are most thrilled about the rustic atmosphere that surrounds the area. This can be considered a benefit if you want to explore the true wonders and the culture of the country.

The Parks of Barahona in Dominican Republic

There are several amazing tours you can take in Barahona. You can start by visiting the 3 parks close by.

The Jaragua National Park is the one of the main attractions on the area.

The place is quite big with an incredible extension of approximately 1400 square kilometers. It is not your typical rainforest as this park does not see much rain. You can be sure to find all kinds of cactus and dry weather flora though.

The Oviedo Lagoon that can be found there is home to a large number of bird species; even the popular flamingo. This is a very hot area so prepared with a good sunscreen and the always necessary bottled water. The park is open from 8 am to 5 pm everyday and you can enter for the small fee of $1.50. The tour is another alternative if you want to see more.

Another park located at Barahona in Dominican Republic that can be visited is the Isla Cabritos National Park.

This place is something else. There is a lake called the Enriquillo Lake which contains a small island called “isla Cabritos”. Another interesting fact about this lake is that unlike most lakes, it doesn't contain fresh water but rather salty water (saltier than the ocean). It is also located at several meters below the level of the sea.

The fauna in the area is also pretty impressive; flamingos, iguanas and crocodiles are very common. If you want to have an unforgettable experience, getting the full tour is recommended. There is a 2 hour boat ride to observe the island and all its inhabitants (crocodiles and flamingos) for just $35 USD.  

The park is open from 7 am to 5 pm and the entrance is around $1.50 USD.

The third park is the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park.

This area is full of vegetation from all kind of climates. It varies from plants adapted to very dry conditions to ones that thrive in humid environments. This exotic park is full of exuberant animal and plant life. Exploring the park is no pushover; without a small motor vehicle like a motorcycle it is an incredibly difficult task. This place is generally open from 8 am to 5 pm everyday and you can enter for the small fee of $1.50 USD.

The Polo Magnetico is a small area that can be found at the west of Barahona. Between Cabral and Polo; there is a road containing the spot. It is said that any object in that area goes uphill ignoring gravity.

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