Bachelors Guide to Punta Cana at the Occidental Grand

by John
(Toronto, Canada)

Dear Reader:

I am a 29-year-old bachelor that just got back from the Occidental Grand in Punta Cana. After reading almost every possible review I could find on this destination/hotel, I noticed one common problem. Not one review was written by a single guy, hence me writing now. So this review is from a 29-year-old fit Canadian bachelor.

My vacation in Punta Cana began on the 21st of December and ended one week later. Prime time for any vacation getaway. Accompanied on my travel were three good friends (2 single, one hitched) all with the mentality that we are going to go and party until our livers cry mercy. I achieved this goal.

Day 1-2 it was cuba libre and beer. Day 3-4 it was shandy's (beer and 7up) and cuba libre. Day five, vodka red bull (we had to buy extra at the store, and yes it was worth it). Day 6-plane trip it was rum and diet cola. The diet helps to minimize the sugar taste in everything. The beer Presidente is good, but after 36 hours of drinking them, its tough to get them down. My advise Shandy's, rum and diet, and bahama mamas!

The Occidental offers a gorgeous resort with service to match. Every member of staff was over accommodating and really wanted to help make our stay a great one. The rooms were gorgeous! I was told that some of the rooms were still in renovation mode, but our building was top notch (building 26 near the beach).

The food was okay. Please keep in mind that I try and stay fit year round, especially three weeks before the plane took off. That being said, even though the resort offered a wide variety of salad bars, I couldn’t help but notice that everything was rinsed with the water that we were told not to drink at all. The food at the buffet was typical hotel food. In the morning there would be fresh cold cuts, and by dinner they were diced up in the pasta salads. I appreciate that this is very typical of all hotel buffets, but I did notice that the foods that I wanted to eat got fewer and fewer as the week progressed. The variety of foods presented were EXTREMELY over salted, this I attribute to helping preserve the freshness longer. If you have problems with acidity like me, not good.

Without a doubt the pizza place upstairs saved all of our stomachs from certain hunger. Although only open from midnight - 6 am!!! Lets put it this way, by day six; the French fries above the pool bar were a delicacy. So advise on food consumption, eat the foods/fruits that you know are safe. Also, very important, acid indigestion sufferers come prepared!!!! They could be sold for a small fortune to tourists.

Okay, now to the good stuff. Bikinis! There are plenty of women at and around the resort. However, for the shy guy with no game...good luck. The majority of the resort was made up of couples. Great destination if you and your significant other are in the mood for a getaway. It should be noted that I am NOT a shy person. Very quickly our team of drunks ended up meeting a small army of single women, which I hope to keep in contact for However, even for the shy person that seeks some entertainment, all is well. We found that singles end up meeting together and gathering. We spent our nights in the hotel lobby, where we made some great friends and late night drinks (several early mornings ;). It helped a lot that we had a bottle or two of liquor from the duty free shop that we pulled out after the lobby bar closed. Vodka drinkers, buy vodka cause the hotel stuff is garbage. Not that it matters after 200 drinks over the day, but we ended up buying a bottle of absolute from the on site store just because we needed something to settle our stomachs. Next time I'm loading up on duty free Grey Goose to drink in the evenings/mornings.

There is a club called Club Mangu at the resort. This club is INDEPENDENT of the resort. That is not regulated or supervised by the Occidental Grand. You will pay for drinks. We went once on the first night and not again. (Except to get ice for our late night lobby drinks) The matrix of people at the club is 33% tourists, 33% h***ers, and 33% locals. GROSS. It can be fun at the club (so I was told) but I’m not into paying for chicks and it was disturbing to see the locals grind the turds out of really drunk tourist girls who were scared not to dance. I tell it like it is. Maybe I am not a club person, or maybe this is just the wrong club to go if you and your girlfriend are 19 years old and just want a safe time. My advice, go with a couple people. It was no surprise that a bunch of women we met wanted us to join them at the club so they could dance and feel safe. We solved this by bringing our CD player to the lobby and pouring stiff drinks from our own stash. It was more fun, safer, and closer to the beach ;)

Well I hope you enjoyed my review. I have barely touched upon the beach because too many others wrote about it. What can I say...perfect white sands and a great beach bar. I jogged in the morning along the shore and it is truly a joggers paradise. (Great for meeting women too!)

My overall experience at the resort was fantastic. Look for my future reviews all over the net. I plan on traveling every few months to a different tropical destination world wide.


John "Baywatch" Canada

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Mar 03, 2017
by: Anonymous

great review

Feb 17, 2010
Any suggestions
by: james f.

Hey, just read your review. In the same position, w/ a couple of friends looking for a vacation where we can meet girls and party. All-Inclusive resort.

We went to the Bahamas and that was a blast. Now we're looking for something new.

Any suggestions?


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