Awesome Place - Zoetry Resort & Spa

by Laura & Glenn
(Still water, Ok, USA)

Well, we returned home to the hot & dry Oklahoma, USA. We are in culture shock! As soon as we got back to the busy airports to get home last Friday, we were bummed out. We could have stayed for at least another week.

Our room was spacious, very clean & the body wash, shampoo & conditioner provided had the most beautiful fragrance. Our semi-private pool was just ten feet from our secluded back porch, which the resident peacock visited on a daily basis. Our back porch & bathroom window was shaded by various tropical plants. The grounds of the resort were immaculately groomed. There was always someone working steadily to make everything beautiful for the guests!

The beach was amazing & Zoetry Resort just has fifty rooms, therefore, it was never crowded or rowdy. It is a great place to truly unwind, relax & just "be". The staff were very helpful, calm & loving. We felt as if we have new friends in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana.

There were engaging activities at the resort if that was your desire. We had a Spanish lesson, as we wanted to become a part of their culture while we were there. But everyone except the room maids spoke fluent English. The food was very good; perfectly prepared & presented in a delectable show of true chef prepared color & texture. We both gained at least four pounds the week that we were there! We will definitely go back & will probably buy into a club membership.

We would like to say hello to everyone there, especially, Magalina, Jordannie, Flore, Oscar, Miguel, Malina & the many others whose names we cannot remember. The only downside was that the wi-fi was not working the whole time we were there. We own our own business & my husband was in a panic mode at first, but it was a blessing in disguise, as it allowed him to truly leave it all & put his trust into our very capable employees. We were able to call home from our room at no cost, which was most comforting. When one is out of the country, it is nice to stay connected to home. So, one suggestion, ask about the "Internet cafe" & wi-fi.

Love you all!

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