Arena Gorda Beach

Arena Gorda beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Punta Cana region. This beach along with Macao, Uvero Alto, El Cortecito, Bavaro, Cabeza de Toro, Punta Cana and Juanillo beach constitute the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic.  

It is no coincidence the Punta Cana area is a frequently visited touristic spot of the Caribbean. Most visitors agree that the beaches located in the area are something unique. That is the reason why so many resorts have made the southeast part of the Dominican Republic their home. The combination of all these beaches together creates the ideal paradisiacal atmosphere.

Where does it begin?

Many people are not completely clear where the Arena Gorda beach is located. It is easy to understand the confusion, since it can easily blend with the other beaches on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic. One way to know where the beach can be found is by using the resorts in the area as marking spots. Arena Gorda is situated to the north of El Cortecito beach.

You could say the beach start nearby the Iberostar resorts that include the Dominicana, Punta Cana, Bavaro and Grand hotel Bavaro. It extends all the way to the north until the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Some people might argue the Ocean Blue and Sand resort is the point where beach actually starts and not at the Iberostar but technically speaking could be any of them since they are very close.

Characteristics of the beach

The name “Arena Gorda” is loosely translated to Fat sand which refers to the vast extension of the sand. This beach is one of the broadest that are found in the area; providing plenty of space to take a sunbath and relax. It is also somewhat different from the other beaches in Punta Cana. The sand on Arena Gorda while still white has a slightly darker color than the one of Bavaro. Another and probably the most significant difference is the surf. The waves at Arena Gorda tend to be a little bigger and rougher while the Bavaro area is characterized by the calmness of the waters.

Getting access to Arena Gorda beach is very easy. You can stay at any of the resorts that are a few steps away from the beach or visit through the area that is open for the public. If you are just passing by you will have to park almost 200 meters away from the coast and walk the rest. Since this is a very popular area there are many services and facilities to attend your needs. You can rent snorkeling and almost any other water sport equipment to have an amazing time plus there is even a lifeguard until 6pm just in case. If you just want to lie on the soft sand that's fine too; either way you will enjoy it.

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