19 Clever All Inclusive Resort Tips and Tricks you will Love

Having a list of the most useful all-inclusive resort tips and tricks will save you a lot of trouble, time and money on your vacation. You dream with the moment when you can take a break from the busy daily schedule and travel to a far away exotic destination. Unwinding and enjoying everything the hotel has to offer, will make your days a lot more delightful.

However, without a plan, things can get out of control fast. Crowded pools, endless lines and overpriced merchandise are just a few of the hurdles you may encounter. Moreover, you don't want unexpected charges on your credit cards.

Don't get me wrong; all-inclusive vacations can be great as long as you take a few precautions. Research and common sense are your weapons, and using them the right way will make a huge difference. Luckily for you, I have listed 19 tricks to overcome the typical hardships people face when going on a holiday. They aren't complicated or anything like that. Follow them, and soon enough your will be rewarded with an unforgettable all-inclusive vacation.

19 Tricks you can use at All-inclusive Resorts:

1. Go when no one else wants to

You do not want to travel during the high season. Why? Not only you will have trouble booking a comfy room but also getting a reservation at a decent restaurant.

Always travel off-season. There won't be any need to tackle people on your way to the buffet, bribe the concierge for a seat at any a la carte, or bump your head against other tourists while snorkeling. It will be cheaper as well. I believe from May to October is the best time for traveling to an all-inclusive, especially in the Caribbean. (info) Of course, if it isn't possible at that time, November will work as well.

2. Do the Research

Before picking an all-inclusive resort, you have to keep in mind what you want. Are you traveling with your spouse or significant other? A romantic secluded adult-only resort is your best bet. If you are taking your children with you, a family-oriented resort with plenty of pools and activities for children is recommended. Do you want to party all day and night? In such a case, you might want to stay on a property focused on nighttime entertainment and discotheques. (reference)

3. Stay away from the airport

Airport in Punta Cana

One thing travelers often overlook is the distance between the resort and the airport. A 20-minute bus ride should be far enough to prevent the noise from the constant flow of planes from disrupting your holiday.

4. Choose the Resort Wisely

Once you have an idea where you want to stay, proceed to research the location, accommodations, restaurants, drinks, activities, neighborhood, etc. Staying in a run-down room and dining under cooked rice every day may not be your idea of a good time. Also, you don't want miss out on anything you really like, and if you are considering stepping out the resort at some point during your trip, make sure is safe. (information)

5. Take the Package

If you know how to get the best all-inclusive deals, it can make your vacation more enjoyable. So how do you that? First, take a peek at the average prices for flights to your chosen destination. Then research the rates for the hotel. That will set the bar. Finally, check out the hotel + flight packages, and find out how much you can save by picking them. That extra cash will come in handy sooner than you think.

6. Carry your sunscreen

Sun protection

You can purchase sunscreen anywhere; still, you don't want to pay $30 for it! So before boarding the plane, make sure you have one or more bottles in your suitcase.

Getting up from your comfortable chair at the beach every few minutes to refill the tiny cup you are often given is a hassle. That's why bringing an insulated cup or bottle is a must. You only have to fill it once, and you may have enough water, juice, beer or any other fluid you like for several hours. (article) And since the container is insulated, your drink won't get warm in a few minutes, which is ideal for long tours or a day at the beach.

7. Bring an insulated bottle

Getting up from your comfortable chair at the beach every few minutes to refill the tiny cup you are often given is a hassle. That's why bringing an insulated cup or bottle is a must. You only have to fill it once, and you may have enough water, juice, beer or any other fluid you like for several hours. And since the container is insulated, your drink won't get warm in a few minutes, which is ideal for long tours or a day at the beach.

8. Pack your medications

The last thing you want is to be sick at an all-inclusive resort. The idea is to have fun and not lie down on your bed in pure agony and being forced to pay an exorbitant amount just to get minor relief. Remember to bring any medication you need. And I don't mean only for a specific health issue. Aspirin, anti-acids and any other stomach-aid you can think of are required.

In the following video, you will learn a few extra tricks to make your stay even better:

9. Determine the ATM charges

Learning how much you are going to get charged for every transaction and withdrawal is essential. Pay attention to all possible fees and conversion rates before taking off to your destination. That way you can prepare beforehand and avoid ridiculous bills that may sour your trip.

10. Tip as you should

One sensitive issue at most resorts is tipping. You won't believe the number of times I have asked if is OK to do it and how much is acceptable. (info) Believe or not, some properties aren't exactly fond of the practice. If you are anything like me, you may feel compelled to reward every member of the staff that provides a good service, but in some places, it isn't allowed.

The way to approach this is by doing research first. Check out the hotel's official website. If there's nothing, you may see something on the reviews on trip advisor. Asking at the front desk also works. Just in case, always bring smalls bills with you, as you never know when a few dollars or euros will make your stay much more pleasant.

11. Book on time


All inclusive hotels are known for their large buffets; however, at some point in your vacation, you will want something else. The first thing you have to do as soon as you arrive at the resort is going to the concierge and make reservations to the popular themed restaurants. Don't leave it for later, or you will find yourself dining scraps (yes, literally).

12. Make sure there is a safe

Another detail you have to check is the presence of safety boxes. They are a lifesaver, especially when you venture out of the resort. You may think you don't have anything of value, but you are wrong. All travelers carry something valuable with them. It may be jewelry, passports, tablets, phones, purses, or wallets. Losing any of them at the beach or outside the resort is an instant vacation wrecker. So make sure there is safe in your room or request one if there isn't any.

13. Don't overeat/overdrink

You may be tempted to stuff yourself at every meal just because you can; however, don't do it. Overeating may lead you to spend more time on the toilet than you would like. Furthermore, no one knows how the body is going to react to unfamiliar food. Remember kayaking and an uncomfortable feeling in your belly don't mix well. So start with small portions.

The same applies to drinking. I know how hard it can be to say no when you are offered unlimited beers and cocktails. Still, you don't want to be the drunk person on the floor that everybody uses as a doormat.

14. Get to the Beach early

Chairs at the beach

Why would anyone get out of bed early while on vacation? (reference) You will, for a decent spot on the beach. Chairs at most resorts are hard to come by if you wake up at noon. With the towel and umbrella technique, you can reserve them, but you have to be there at 6:00 am or something like that anyway. Keep in mind though, your towel and umbrella may disappear if you leave them alone for too long.

15. Stock the fridge yourself

Tipping for a job well done is customary at many resorts; however, some people do it with the hopes of getting a fully restocked fridge. That may not necessarily work out. Even If you leave a few bucks, there is no guarantee the staff will hook you up with supplies. They may just say thanks and not do anything out of the ordinary.

There is a more effective alternative. You can visit a nearby store, pick whatever you want and restock it yourself. That is the surefire way of getting what you want.

16. Try everything included

In addition to eating and drinking until you can't take it anymore, your all-inclusive package normally includes many sports and water activities. Since you already paid for it, you can snorkel, kayak, windsurf and paddle as much as you like. Squeeze every bit of fun you can and have the time of your life.

17. Wrap up the food

Taking your meal to go is one way to improvise a date with your significant other. Check with the restaurant first, and ask if the staff can wrap up the food.

If they are kind enough to do it, they can set up a romantic dinner at the beach.

Beach dinner

18. Step outside the resort

As amazing as your hotel may be, it is hard to enjoy everything a country has to offer unless you get involved with the local way of life. By that I mean, eat, shop, and move around town. Of course, you have to be smart about it.

Since you already did the research on the neighborhood, you should know when to do your little escapade. Don't get out at night unless you know what you are doing or take any jewelry outside the resort. Always pay in cash. Eat at restaurants as food stalls may be too rough for your digestive system in certain countries.

19. Enjoy your vacation

No matter how perfectly well-planned your vacation is, something may not be to your liking. Watered-down liquor, cold water in the pool, or an unpleasant meal is more than enough to make some people snap. Don't be one of them and let minor details ruin your all-inclusive experience. Embrace the positive things and have fun.

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