Airplane Games for Kids

The airplane games for kids can keep them occupied and not bored when traveling to Punta Cana. In reality no matter how exciting is a trip, it is almost a fact that boredom will set in sooner or later. You may have to endure a long time at an airport or stay in the seat for a lengthy plane ride to the Caribbean.

During those times you can keep your kids entertained by playing some games. A pencil and a pad of paper do not take up much room, yet they can keep active imaginations busy.

Everyone loves to draw and doodle but you can make it more interesting by taking turns. With no end result in mind, one person starts by making a few lines and then passes the paper to the next person who adds something to it. After the paper is passed back and forth a few times, images and shapes begin to form and it is always great fun to see what develops.

1- Pencil Games

Stickman is one of the classic airplane games for kids that can be played with just a pen and paper. One person thinks of a word(s) and draws a dotted line with a space for each letter in the word(s).

Stickman gameThe second player guesses letters. When he guesses correctly, the letter is placed in the correct place on the dotted line. When he is incorrect, the first player draws a circle that represents a head. Every time a letter is missed another part of a stickman's body is drawn.

If the stickman is complete before the second player guesses the word(s), he loses the game.

Other games are included in game magazines; the games can be: crossword puzzles, connect the dots and logic puzzles. These magazines can easily be carried on a plane and are suitable to keep kids of all ages entertained.

2- Word Games (spoken)

Word games require nothing but your imagination and can be played anywhere as long as you don't have to be quiet. Fun airplane games for kids include the shopping list game, animal alphabet, riddle Marie, and twenty questions. The shopping list game is one of memory.

The players create a shopping list of items in alphabetical order that needs to be remembered and repeated back. The first player may go to the store to buy an apple, then the second needs to go to the store and buy an apple and a banana. As the list gets longer, it gets trickier to remember.

Animal alphabet can be played for animals, cars, vegetables or any other group of similar items. The first person thinks of one that starts with the letter A, the next person thinks of one that starts with the letter B and so on.

Twenty questions can be geared towards kids of all ages. For example, you could think of a classic famous cartoon character or a historical person. If you choose Abraham Lincoln, you tell everyone you are thinking of a famous person in history. The players can only ask yes and no questions to narrow down the possibilities. If they guess the correct person in less than twenty questions, they win the game.

Riddle Marie is sort of like a scavenger hunt you can play on the spur of the moment. Find an object such as a red suitcase and say, "Riddle riddle Marie, I see something you don't see and the color of it is red."; the players then look around the area and guess what the object is until they choose the right one.

3- Electronic Games

Electronic games can be played on small devices. There are airplane games for kids appropriate for all ages, even teens. Choose puzzle games or even video games. They don't take up much space at all and will be a ready form of entertainment.

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