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As you travel to Punta Cana you have to remember that the right air travel accessories can make a big difference in your traveling experience. Air plane travel can be tricky these days; with so many regulations sometimes is complicated to know what to bring with you.

Besides having the knowledge of what items you can bring you need to take into consideration the length of the flight. A short flight from 1 to 2 hours is going to require way less accessories than one that takes 8 hours or more. A long flight means you are going to be sit for many hours so you need items that make you comfortable while resting and entertained while you are awake. The movies typically shown at airplanes are not exactly what most passengers could consider fun so you better be ready. When you bring along some essential air travel accessories and you are well prepared beforehand then you can make your trip a memorable experience.

Traveling by air can be fun particularly if you don't fly often. If you are a frequent flier, you may find long flights a bit boring.

Here are nine handy accessories to have on your next flight:

1. Quality luggage

If you check your luggage or just use a carry-on, you'll want to invest in quality gear. There is nothing worse than hurrying through an airport, pulling your luggage behind you, only to have it keep flipping on its side due to cheaply constructed wheels. Another element of a good luggage is its resilience to impacts. Everybody knows that suites get pretty banged up in the compartments so is important for it to keep the integrity especially if you are carrying fragile items.

2. TSA approved locks

Locks are indispensable air travel accessories. To protect your valuables and to keep your luggage from popping open, you'll want to close it with locks. However, airport security has the right to open and inspect your luggage that is why you need to use locks that have been TSA approved. The main difference between normal locks and the TSA approved ones is that the TSA ones can be opened by the authorized airport personal with specific master keys they posses. If your lock is not a TSA approved one, it is going to get destroyed by the airport officers so make sure you get one. You can easily obtain this type of lock at the airport or travel stores.

3. Handy tote bag

Most airlines will allow you to carry on one piece of luggage, a laptop bag and tote bag, but you should verify it with the airline prior traveling. 

You will be able to put the tote bag under the seat in front so you can reach items you'll need during your flight such as books.

4. Checkpoint friendly laptop bag

If you travel a lot, you may want to use these kind of laptop bags. They allow your laptop to be screened while still being inside the bag. These special bags are designed to provide a clear view of the laptop while they are screened. In any case if the airport personal cannot get a clear image of the laptop it is going to be checked out of the bag. You can always follow certain steps to make sure your bags comply with the regulations. First the laptop only section should not have any pockets, second there should not be any other item than the laptop in the bag and third make sure the bag does not have any zippers or other metallic objects over or under the laptop only section.

5. Neck pillow

To make your trip more comfortable one of the necessary air travel accessories to bring along is a neck pillow so you can take a nap or relax. That is especially useful if you are in of those very long flights of more than 6 hours. Neck pillows may come inflatable or made of memory foam. You can buy an inflatable version so it will fold flat when not in use and not take up much room in your carry on; if you got capacity to spare the one made of memory foam can give you incredible support for your neck providing you the comfort necessary for a long trip.

6. Eye mask

Another of the air travel accessories that you might need is an eye mask. It doesn't take up much room at all and can help you relax and catch some sleep. Choose one that blocks out light yet is comfortable to wear so you can rest comfortably and arrive at your destination refreshed and energized. Eye masks can be a great asset mostly for people that are sensitive to light and that have a hard time sleeping when exposed to the slightest glimmer.

7. Travel alarm

A travel alarm is important since your internal clock may be thrown off after your flight. This fact is very true for people that change time zones;  alarms are very useful air travel accessories. You can set your alarm to awake you once you have determined the amount of time necessary for a good nap after which you can feel completely rested and refreshed. Try to get an alarm that is loud enough to wake you up but not that much as to disturb the other passengers.

8. Portable AC adapter

Sometimes a portable ac adapter might be necessary for your travel. If you are traveling from Europe to Punta Cana having an adapter for your electric equipment such as hairdryer or alarm clock is a must. The Dominican Republic uses different voltages and wall sockets compared to those used in Europe, so keep that in mind.

9. Electronic entertainment

You can amuse yourself for hours while waiting on your flight or while in the air if you bring along electronic entertainment. These could be cell phones, music players so you can listen to your favorite tunes and e-book readers.

10. Ear plugs

Certain trips might require the use of ear plugs as air travel accessories so you can rest peacefully. You never know when a passenger nearby can get louder than what you would like. In a long 8 hour flight for example the last thing you would desire is to have the person beside you snoring like a truck. Another great use of it is that it can prevent the engine noise from bothering you.  It would be a bit difficult for you to get some rest unless of course you are already prepared with some nice ear plugs.

11. Mini games

If you are traveling with children having some games with you is mandatory. You know what happens when children get bored and is not very pleasant. Mini traveling board games are great air travel accessories and might do the trick to keep your children busy. Another alternative is to use small electronic games; those are well loved by children and can entertain them for hours.

12. Backpack

This accessory is very useful for people traveling with babies. The backpacks are used to store diapers, bottles, clothing, etc. They can come in handy especially during lengthy flights.

13. Tags for luggage

Some people underestimate the importance of tags when traveling. Using specific tags on your luggage can help you identify it quite easily. Preferably your luggage tag should be big enough so you can see it from a long distance and so unique it doesn’t get mixed up with the tags of the other passengers.

These air travel accessories can make your flight a better one. Just remember to check regulations before bringing anything on the flight. Check the rules of the individual airlines you'll be flying on for their restrictions on carry-on and be sure that you are familiar on what is allowed so you don't have to leave something behind at the checkpoint.

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