Adult Swimming Lessons

Learning adult swimming lessons is nothing to be embarrassed about. Many adults go through their life without knowing how to swim and are too scared to even try.

That fear can create a lot of problems. Imagine this situation you are in a beautiful resort in Punta Cana and you see the most breathtaking beach ever, you want to jump in there and swim. Unfortunately you are too scared to get into the water. Not only that, what if your kids, friends, or other family members do know how to swim but you don’t and for that reason you cannot have an good time with them. You do not want to miss things in life just because you are too scared or too embarrassed; taking adult swimming lessons can even save your life.

The first thing anyone needs in order to swim is to get rid of their fear. Fear of a large body of water or aquaphobia is the most common cause for adults to avoid learning how to swim. At first glance learning how to swim may seem like a daunting task for beginners, however, it is simple. Even when kids normally have an easier time while learning the swimming techniques than the adults is still possible for any grown up to learn them.

The first step to diminish the fear of water is by submerging the head.

This can easily be the hardest step to accomplish. One way to do this is by getting the mouth underwater, then the nose and finally the eyes. The mouth part is easy but the nose and the eyes can take longer, especially getting used to have the eyes open underwater. Once a person is able to hold the breath for more than 10 seconds under the water and is capable of opening their eyes, the next step in the adult swimming lessons would be relaxation.

It is very common for someone to panic as soon as they try to swim if they don’t know how to do it. Panicking will only make a person sink faster and be completely unable to swim. Complete relaxation is essential to be successful at swimming particularly for beginners. The muscles of the arms and legs become less dense than water when a person is relaxed.

Once a person can submerge and be relaxed in the water the next step is to learn to float. You will need the help of someone else to accomplish this step. What you want to do is to float on your back while the other person keeps you in position. The other person will put one of their hands near the neck and the other one under the back. That way you will gain the confidence to float.

Once you are at ease you will be able to float freely without any help.

Remember, do not panic or you will sink. The next step is to execute some basic swimming strokes. First you get into a shallow area of the pool; then hold onto one of the boundaries and let your legs float. At this moment you should start some kicking to get used to the motion of the legs as you begin practicing adult swimming lessons. When you are ready, let go of the boundary and start moving your arms in circular motion while kicking.

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