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The first time you booked your reservation to a beautiful resort in the Caribbean, did everything go smoothly, or did something go wrong? 

Pineapple blendYou probably imagined the bright sun giving you the tan you have always dreamed about while the soft breeze of the tropics caressed your skin as you drank a refreshing piña colada

Every dish you could have ever wanted was available and perfectly cooked to your taste, and the resort's staff was polite and accommodating to your every need.

However, little did you know that reality was the complete opposite. It was pouring all over the beach, the sun wasn't even there, and dark clouds hovered over your vacation until the very last day of it. The staff kept ignoring you, and when you tried to stop them, they just nodded, smiled, and went on their way completely forgetting about you. Every steak you ordered looked like a chewed dog toy and tasted even worst. 

Not mention, water droplets leaked from the roof and every time you called the front desk, they said they were going to fix it but never did.

What you can do

The list of things that can go wrong while traveling is staggering, so what you want is to listen to someone who knows how to deal with them so you can have the most relaxing time ever.

We have spent several years building the Punta Cana travel guide with the purpose of guiding you through every step of your vacation. Every part of the trip is detailed here without skimping on the important stuff.

Not many people know the pitfalls that may occur while traveling to such an exotic destination or how to avoid them, but we do quite well.

We will help you with the details that may make or break your vacation:

  • Picking the most suitable resort

  • Traveling at the right time

  • Dining at charming restaurants

  • Touring more while paying less

How everything began

Hello, I am Mary. The first time I visited Punta Cana was in November 2006. Well, to be honest, my relatives had invited me before, and I always gave them the same answer, “thanks, but no thanks.” They never gave up and they kept inviting me anyway. One day, around September, guess what? Yes, they were planning another trip to Punta Cana. On this occasion, instead of giving them my usual answer, I just asked “Why do you like that place so much? What makes you come back again and again?” They were surprised by my question, but I was more surprised with their answer.

They said, “If you want to know why we like Punta Cana so much, you have to come with us and see it for yourself.” So finally, I decided to go and take part in everything the area had to offer. I just wanted to see with my own eyes what was the magic that made them come back, time after time (and believe me, I finally did). I’m pretty sure one look at any photo of Punta Cana, and you will fall in love with the place as well.

Of course, the first time our group went to Punta Cana, we had a lot of fun, but we also made lots of mistakes, and I mean a lot. Even after visiting the DR several times before, my relatives didn't know the tricks to make their vacation much more enjoyable.

From not knowing what time of the year was the best for catching sunny days to the fact that we were oblivious that reservations to a la carte restaurants were included in the all inclusive package, we were absolutely ignorant. It took us several days (and a lot of painful experiences) to figure out which were the best spots to have fun and how to make sure our meals were as fresh as possible. Sadly, by that time, the vacation was over.

At that point, I realized that I wasn't going to let another person go to Punta Cana without knowing the nitty gritty details that make all the difference.

Here you'll find the Dos and Don'ts that worked well and made a difference in the vacation of hundreds of people. 



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