Punta Cana Real Estate: 5 Steps you Have to Take before Buying

Punta Cana real estate can be a great asset particularly if you love this incredible vacation spot. Punta Cana is very well known to be a prime area for vacationing in the Caribbean. One of its notable characteristics is that within a relatively low price range it allows you to experience the fine sand, the clear waters and all the other elements of nature in a tropical climate.

Many resorts and properties in other parts of the world can get really expensive to the point that is very unlikely for anyone but the very wealthy to be able to afford them. Punta Cana has this optimal balance where you can get all the things of a Caribbean destination without requiring an infinite budget.

A vast majority of properties in the Punta Cana area are in selected spots that allow you to get preferential treatments from the owners of the resorts. A Punta Cana real estate can have a better location than you can imagine. Some of them can be found on golf clubs and very close to the beach. The ones on the golf courses for example can allow you to have a spectacular view and play for a very small fee that otherwise would not be possible. Some of the villas near the beach are quite astonishing; with gazebos, pools, gardens and 24 hour security they are the fantasy of every vacationer. Several resorts also offer many discounts to owners of houses or villas that are interested in staying at their properties.

Owning Punta Cana real estate can have additional advantages. It could be used as a retirement home for you to spend the following years in the most joyful paradise that you can explore. With the anticipation of buying any property like: houses, condos, villas, etc. it is essential that you make your check out about the region.

You can read these recommendations to inform you about acquiring a property in the Dominican Republic:

Sold property - real estate

  • Don't try to save money and do everything just by yourself, you could get tricked easily. Use the services of a qualified responsible real estate agent to reduce the chances of any kind of foul play.

  • Require a copy of the certificate of the title of the property in Punta Cana.

  • Find out with the agent what are the property taxes that you will have to pay.

  • Verify how much would cost the insurance for the property.

  • If you want one of the condos be aware of the extra maintenance fees that comes with it before making your purchase.


Directory of Punta Cana Real Estate Companies

REMAX Tropical DR4Sale - Cheryl H. Rinehart

Address: Plaza Gran Caribe Globalia, Local No. 16, 2nd Floor, El Cortecito Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Phone: +1 809-552-0359

Email: dr4sale@gmail.com

Website: www.dr4sale.com


Trust Realty - Andy Schlenker

Phone: +1 809-399-3251

Email: andy@punta-cana.us

Website: www.punta-cana.us

Reliable Realty DR - Maria Williams (U.S. Licensed Realtor, AEI-BPC Member/ Broker, Owner)

Sales and vacation rentals

Address: Plaza Artistica, Suite 2-2, El Cortecito / Bavaro, Punta Cana

Phone: +1 809-552-0898

Cel: +1 829-274-1637

Email: reliableagent@att.net

Website: www.reliablerealtydr.com

Real Estate Punta Cana - Milos Korac

Phone: +1 809-257-4445
          +1 809-653-9196
          (849) 344-4445

Website: www.realestatepuntacana.com


Punta Cana Resort & Club Real Estate

Address: Casa Club Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Phone: +1 809-959-7325

Fax: +1 809-959-9895


La Costa Destinations International Realty - Scott Medina

Address: Moonstar Building Los Corales Beachfront

             Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Phone: +1 829-341-4532 DR

           (305) 261-2666 USA (VOIP)

Website: www.gopuntacanarealestate.com


1183 Lifestyle Group - Rico Pester

Address: Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic

Phone: +1 809-753-5138

Website: www.realtypuntacana.com


Punta Cana Life Realty - Jocelyn Hernandez Irizarry (Sales, Rentals and Property Management)

Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate, S.A.

Address: Bavaro - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Main Phone: +1 809-552-0421, From USA: (305) 600-4852

Fax: (305) 428-2722

Website: www.puntacanalife.com

Email: info@puntacanalife.com


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