How to Choose a Punta Cana Wedding Photographer

Finding a Punta Cana wedding photographer might feel a little bit challenging. After all, it is your big day, your dream day; all brides want the day to be just flawless. And that includes having unforgettable wedding pictures.

That is why is relevant to understand some basic ideas when planning your marriage. One of the details to remember is to ask your tour operator about wedding packages that include a wedding photographer service. Generally is recommended to hire the services of the wedding photographer that your hotel or resort offers but keep in mind that although the price of some packages might seem enticing to you; is imperative to be sure about the quality of the photographer before compromising. 

You want your dream wedding pictures to be as good as they can be but for that you need a skilled Punta Cana wedding photographer. Punta Cana is a magical destination with an astonishing landscape. The breathtaking beaches and the shining sun that bathes all the coast of the Dominican Republic create the perfect surroundings to be the witness of a memorable celebration that will change the life of two people forever. Capturing this important event in a picture requires skill and dedication that cannot be found easily. Not everybody can take a picture well enough to get all the essential details. 

Remember that a dedicated photographer can notice the right moment to take the picture and capture the true emotion of the moment.

We recommend you to take your time and read the following advices before hiring the services of a Punta Cana wedding photographer:

1. Choose a photographer that shows you a positive attitude, someone that makes you feel that he or she really wants to contribute to make your wedding pictures look amazing. Believe me you don’t want to pick someone that is always in a bad mood or do not even care about one of the most specials days of your life. A cheerful disposition can make a huge impact in your wedding pictures.

2. Before booking, make sure your hotel or resort offers wedding photographer services, and ask for recommendations.

3. If you plan to hire an independent photographer, make sure to do your research at least 8 months before your wedding date. It might take some time to find someone that is familiar with the area where the wedding is going to take place. An experienced Punta Cana wedding photographer that knows the resort well can use the appropriate angle to get a better picture than someone that is not familiar with the place.

4. Look at some wedding magazines to have an idea about how you would like your wedding pictures look like and tell the photographer the exact vision for your wedding that you desire.

5. If you feel uneasy about getting your picture taken in the wedding; ask a friend or a relative to take some pictures of you so you can practice. This will help you feel more confident when the time finally comes.

6. For the pictures your smile should look natural. (OK, I know you will be a little stress out, but take a deep breath and try to relax.)

7. You should ask to a Punta Cana wedding photographer to show you previous work, a portfolio; that way you can see how skilled and professional he or she is.

8. Ask questions to your photographer; try to find out if the photographer is friendly and if he is someone who you can feel comfortable with. (Some photographers tend to take over the wedding’s arrangement and behave like if they are wedding planners.)

9. Some photographers charge overtime fees, so be sure to read your contract several times to avoid paying these charges.

10. Before signing the contract, ask for a blank copy just in case you want to compare prices with other Punta Cana wedding photographers. You have to be sure to find the best possible offer (money saved is always good).

If you are a photographer working in the Punta Cana area you can contact us to list your details here.

Well, as mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you use the wedding photographer services that your hotel or resort offers to you. But you can always hire an independent photographer, so be sure to ask for references and show you previous works.

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