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Visiting the Manati Park Punta Cana will open your eyes to the true abundance in natural resources that the Dominican Republic has to offer.

The park has a mesmerizing natural scenery almost everywhere a person goes. Once you talk to the tour rep, he or she will call a bus or trolley to take you to the destination. The trip takes around 30 to 45 minutes from Punta Cana. 

During the trip you can appreciate the breathtaking surroundings of the Dominican Republic as well as how the people live in the areas nearby. After the arrival to the park, you can pretty much look around wherever you want.

There are many exotic and interesting animals in this place. 

The numerous trees found in the park gives this tropical jungle atmosphere which is perfect because it allows the people to feel like they are explorers in a uncharted region. Among all the curious looking creatures living in the park, the parrots were the most impressing. Their intelligence and exotic appearance while performing difficult tricks were quite intriguing. 

Iguanas, alligators, monkeys, turtles, dolphins, sea lions, flamingos, turkeys, toucans, etc. are all part of the fauna that characterize this place. There is an aviary where you can actually enter and enjoy the view of several beautiful birds. The Manati Park is one of Punta Cana’s most visited attractions and I’m sure you are starting to understand why.

At the Manati Park, you can also find small gift kiosks where native artisans display their work giving you the chance to buy all kinds of souvenirs.If you get hungry don't be scared. There are many places to eat around in the Manati Park Punta Cana. Hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, ice cream, and chicken are a few of the choices available to you. Because of the various animal's shows, the tour can last up to 5 hours if you desire it to be so.

Aquatic area

There are several shows in place for the visitors:

- One of them is to watch horses running around and performing amazing jumps.

There are some locals dressed as aborigines which gives the park a more realistic appearance. Before the show begins, they take a picture with each of the families in the public. They perform a show where they recreate an ancient tribal dancing ritual that the aborigines tainos of the area used to do many centuries ago. The place where they perform the dance looks like a village where the aborigines used to live long ago.

- After the tainos show, the animal park aquatic show begins with a really smart sea lion (Mr. Nino). 

The sea lion dances and do all kinds of tricks. He plays with a balls, dances with the trainer, and a lot more. Then, some performers start to dance and entertain the people before the next show starts at the Manati Park Punta Cana.

- The spectacle of the dolphins is another one that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

While the sea lion entrance is very entertaining, the best part is with the dolphins that come shortly after. The trainer makes the dolphins do all kind of tricks; they jump in a very synchronize way, she rides them around the pool and there is one act that is very astonishing where she stands over them as they jump and rise her all the way into the air. They also pick one member of the audience to play with the dolphins.  

- The last show is one where there are some parrots

The performers make this little play with the parrots where they ride little bicycles and walk around a small Manati mall. It is so funny and outrageous that one group of parrots act like thieves and another group portray the police. Believe me, you will laugh a lot. There is usually like 1 or 2 hours between every show and that gives you enough time to check the park and admire its extraordinary vegetation and animal life.  

The entrance fee of this excursion is $20 (children) to $35 (adults) to see the shows. If you want to swim with the dolphins, the fee is $125. It is a bit steep, but you will have a blast.

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